Lots of fun at Hershey Park!

Sept 18 (1)
Today my boyfriend and I went to Hershey Park!! My outfit is nothing special, so I thought I would just share a couple of pics of this exciting day!

We had a wonderful time just walking around and going on as many roller coasters as we could. I looove roller coasters, don't you?
Sept 18 (2)

The park wasn't as decorated as Disney and Universal Studios, but it sure had the most beautiful flowers!
Sept 18 (3)
Sept 18 (4)
Sept 18 (5)

The park also had the cutest shops with the cutest merchandise. I loooved all the chocolate and candy inspired stuff for sale!
Sept 18 (6)
Sept 18 (7)

We also had a blast trying on several funny looking hats... jeje we sure are silly :)
Sept 18 (8)
It was an absolutely wonderful day, I'm so happy :)

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  1. I'm glad you had fun! I live in Orlando so I get to see Disney and Universal a lot (especially since my husband and I are also entertainers so we know lots of people who work for both companies!).

    It looks like you had a blast, I'd love to visit Hershey Park some day. And you still look gorgeous no matter what your outfit is! :)

  2. You should of included this in your outfit posts - becasue that top is beautiful :D

    Sal xXx


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