Black is Chic challenge: The fail-proof color combo

Sept 20 (1)
Sept 20 (2)
Sept 20 (3)
Sept 20 (4)
Sept 20 (5)
Sept 20 (6)
Sept 20 (7)

When: Monday September 20, 2010

Striped tee: Madison (Panama)
Black skirt: Stevens (Panama)
Red Xoxo purse: TJ Max
Red Jessica Simpson flats: Estampa (Panama)

Where: Planned out my schedule of events/projects for the next couple of weeks

Today is the first day of my Black is Chic Challenge! Today's statement black item is this black skirt. Although it fits me perfectly, I don't really use it as much as I should. So today I decided to wear it with this cute striped tee I got the last time I was in Panama.
Sept 20 (8)
I went with the easiest and most fail-proof color combos ever: Black, white, and red. This combo just can't go wrong! I love how the red details just pop, I felt so Parisian chic :)

Do you ever wear black, white, and red together?

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this black skirt:
09 Sept 20 (4)09 Sept 20 (6)
09 Sept 20 (3)09 Sept 20 (5)
09 Sept 20 (1)09 Sept 20 (2)

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  1. Black, red and white are one of my favorite color combo; I wear it all the time. Which is probably why I LOVE your outfit so much. You are adorable.

    What is this Black is Chick challenge. Is the word Chick a play on the word, Chic? I wanna know. Guess I have to stay tuned...

  2. Do I ever wear black, white and red together...ha, probably at least once a week! I think I might need to lay off the combo a little. :)

    You look fantastic in this! I love that striped top, it's so adorable!!!

  3. I completely agree - black/white/red is so chic and almost foolproof - I love it!

    Polka Dot Biker Shorts

  4. Definitely a classic combo, this is a chic outfit! I love that top too, its very cute. :)

  5. I always wear black white and red together, it is my favorite color combo!
    I love your bow top, and your challenge, it's a great one!

  6. Red, white, and black is one of my fav color combos! You look great :)


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