Yai to all my shoes!

July 31 (1)
July 31 (2)
July 31 (3)
July 31 (4)
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July 31 (11)

When: Saturday July 31, 2010

Orange tanktop: Conway (Panama)
White eyelet skirt: Stevens (Panama)
Jean jacket: Saks (Panama)
Colorful pumps: BMB (Panama)
Jean purse: Present from my boyfriend's mother

Where: Shopped with my mother and re-celebrated my boyfriend's birthday with his family.

I'm so happy to be able to wear all the lovely shoes I have here in Panama! When I came in my room for the first time in months and saw all the wonderful shoes that were here waiting for me, I couldn't help but sigh and smile of happiness. These colorful pumps are one of my favorites because they are so unique and fun looking!
July 31 (12)
Do you have any shoes that just make you smile and/or feel great?

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this eyelet skirt:
07 July 31

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  1. Those shoes are awesome! What a great statement piece!

  2. Those shoes are totally excellent! Very pretty on, and great with your style.

  3. I adore this whole outfit! That skirt is so pretty, the denim blazer is PERFECT (and I'm jealous, I need to find one like that) and those shoes...oh, the shoes...

    Plus the cat. I just love cats. :)

  4. Dear Marie.

    I love shoes, and yes, I love your shoes from Panama as well.

    Yes, shoes do make me smile, they do make me feel great. I've about 150 pairs, most of them are ballet flats. My latest shoe addiction are Birkenstocks. I'm with you saying....Yai to all my shoes!

    Love Marcha :)

  5. your shoes sure are colorful and happy and outshine any flowers in the garden. I got a kick out of your demin purse that as small as it is in the entire picture for me was the small point that focused on completing the outfit by combining with the jacket. jgm


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