Outfit of the Week - Reader's Choice

Sorry I am posting this so late guys, it totally slipped my mind on Sunday! jejeje

July 5 (10)July 6 (10)
July 7 (9)July 8 (11)
July 9 (10)July 10 (11)
July 11 (10)

Which is the best outfit of last week?
1. Aaahhh.. dresses :)
2. Getting more bang for my buck
3. An Improvised BBQ Celebration!
4. Fun Farmers Market!
5. Planning my summer fun
6. Butterflies in my hair
7. The clock is ticking on my maxis
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Last week's winner was...
June 29 (1)
"Be yourself, no matter what others say"

...with a close second place:
July 02 (1)
"Who is that girl in the hat?"

Thank you so much for the support guys! You all really make me smile :)

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