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When: Tuesday July 20, 2010

Gray dress: Ross Dress for Less
Pink top: H&M
Pearl necklace: Pasarella (Panama)
Beige booties: From this seller on eBay
Bow purse: Forever XXI
Black belt: Christmas present from my parents

Where: Worked on a special event for my internship (day 7 out of 12) and I'm almost finished with the Paint by Number for my grandmother

I have a little confession to make about today's outfit...Today's outfit was shamelessly copied from a mannequin I saw a couple of months ago in Forever XXI! jajaja. I really loooove the way Forever XXI dresses their mannequins most of the time and I find that it's a great source of inspiration.
July 20 (9)
Many times when I look at mannequins, I realize that I have similar items to those displayed and could make an almost identical outfit... and that is exactly what I did today!! The mannequin did however have a gray skirt (which I don't own) so I accommodated by layering a pink top over my gray dress so that it would look like a skirt (ingenious huh?!). I really like how chic it turned out, but I guess I can't really receive the credit for that... jejeje :)

Do you ever imitate or get inspiration from mannequins in stores?

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this gray dress:
07 July 20
07 July 20 (1)

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  1. Such a cute outfit! Thanks for your lovely comment. Just so you know I've created a page for your blog on wikifashion

  2. That pink looks so good on you! You really know how to pick your colors. I think it's great that you can find inspiration from outfits on a mannequin but use clothes you already own. Have you joined HYPEED yet? It's a magazine but the models are real people. There's a call for outfits of bright colors and this post would be perf for it. Google HYPEED or click the link on my page. xo. -Bella Q

  3. I'm always jealous of how well you pull off bright colors. I can never get myself to wear them these days, but one day I'll have enough courage to! :)

  4. Well don't you just look adorable! What a good idea. And you certainly can't tell the skirt isn't a skirt. How did you do that so well?

  5. So cute!! love da Pop of Bright colors!!

  6. thank you for visiting dear kate!
    your blog is fantastic! i love this look especially - the casualness of the dress paired with the pearls is great! good work.

  7. I know I've said this before, but I LOVE the booties. Love them. With my whole heart. They're just so cute!

    I love that you wore a dress and layered a shirt over top. I've done similar things with a few items as well. Your idea did work seamlessly and you can't tell that it isn't a skirt!

    I love the hairband and the layered necklaces too!

  8. Sigh. I bought those same booties on eBay and I was sooooo disappointed. Cheaply made, odd heel, and they did NOT look good on my foot. I was so sad that I had wasted my money!

    Your outfit looks great! Yes, I do get inspired by mannequins, but have never bought an entire outfit off of a mannequin. Like you, I go home find similar pieces and follow through with the inspiration!


  9. The grey dress is amazingly versatile. I'm surprised how dressy it can look! And I like the pile of necklaces ... fun!

  10. Great headband!;)

  11. Adorable outfit! This look would be perfect for the office too :)

  12. I'm definitely guilty of ripping of mannequins too! Their outfits are just such good inspiration! I see it worked out well for you, I love this outfit, such a cool way to remix this dress.

  13. Oh, your blog is too cute! I totally get ideas from mannequins (especially F21!) and I also tend to take clothes from them.. bwahahaa.

    I am going to be your new follower, nice to meet you! :D <3

  14. I think this outfit is super prettyy! I love the pearls and the cute little clutch purse. I expecially like the fact that your shirt is piiiiiiink.

    Btw, congrats on your new blog layout.. I think its really pretty and fitting for your blog.

    Big hug!

  15. I love copying mannequins...I figure they are there for a reason. :) I love how matching and cute your shoes and wallet are!

  16. This looks so comfy...and cute of course! :) I love the pocket that looks like the pocket of a hoodie on the dress!


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