Two dresses and a pair of smiley pumps

June 16 (1)
June 16 (2)
June 16 (3)
June 16 (4)
June 16 (6)
June 16 (7)
June 16 (8)
June 16 (9)

When: Wednesday June 16, 2010

Purple dress: ? (Panama)
Black shirt dress: ? (Panama)
Polka dot pumps: from this seller on eBay
Black & White clutch: Forever XXI
Black Nine West belt: TJ Max

Where: Started to brainstorm ideas for my boyfriend's birthday which is coming up soon!

Although today's outfit doesn't have so many colors, I still really love how it turned out!! First of all, I have always loved how this black shirt-dress looks over other dresses... it has a summer trench kind of feel to it, don't you think? In fact, I think I almost always wear it over other items rather than actually wearing it as a dress! jeje
June 16 (5)
Of course my favorite part of the entire outfit was the pumps!! I made the outfit quite simple just because I wanted all the attention to be on these fabulous babies. These shoes are what I like to call "smiley pumps" because it is absolutely impossible for me to look at them and not smile or giggle at least a little bit :) I mean, can you honestly not smile at these shoes?!
June 16 (10)
I know I can't! Just too darn cute!

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this purple dress:
06 June 16 (2)
06 June 16 (1)

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  1. Your shoes are pretty darn cute. If I saw them at the store I'd think "oooh those are cute but they seem awfully frivolous because when would I be able to wear them??" BUT I feel like sometimes those more non-generic pieces are the most fun and special. You did a great job building an outfit around the heels and I quite like your bag as well!

  2. cute purse and those shoes go with that dress perfectly.

  3. oh, I like the shirtdress as a jacket!

  4. I love the two-dresses look! I've been wanting to try that look for awhile, but I still need to get a black shirtdress. And how cute are those shoes!!!

  5. ooh, you're right, those shoes are great!

  6. Such an amazing idea to wear two dresses! I love it. Such a great look and those shoes, amazing.

  7. lol to "smiley pumps." they are cute shoes!

  8. I totally agree with you ... how can you not smile at such a great pair of shoes ?

  9. Love the colours of these put together and the pumps are adorable!!!

    Sal xXx

  10. Adorable shoes! You're so cute! ♥

  11. I'm definitely smiling! They are soo cute!

    Chic on the Cheap

  12. Love the double dress, it does have a great trench vibe. You should enter the weardrobe trench contest for sure.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  13. your shoes are so fabulous, i'm jealous!!

  14. Those shoes have to be my absolutely fav shoes you own. (I know your earlier post you said you have 85 pairs of shoes but I think you have many more than that!!!) This outfit is so chic and stylish and you built the perfect outfit around these fab shoes. It is always fun to come see what new creations you come up with.

  15. I couldnt agree more with everyone and your comments about those shoes. They are the focal point in this outfit and really are unique, cute and classy. The earings also look great against your dark hair. Real nice. Your whole look makes me smile. jgm


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