Lovely green pearls

June 3 (1)
June 3 (2)
June 3 (3)
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June 3 (10)

When: Thursday June 3, 2010

Floral dress: ? (Panama)
Black blazer: ? (Panama)
White belt: Madison (Panama)
Green shoes: ? (Panama)
White Nine West purse: TJ Max
Green pearls: ? (Panama)

Where: Started making a schedule for all my fun summer activities!

I absolutely LOVE the green "pearl" necklace I am wearing today! I love the different shades of green and that it can be worn in different ways because its so long. So today I decided to make an outfit around that necklace. I went with the black blazer to provide some structure and seriousness since I was going to my internship today. I did however add a pop of green with the shoes to add some personality to the outfit.

And the best part of all? If I just take the jacket off, I have a totally different look that is more appropriate for like a date night! I love it when outfits are that easy ;)

June 3 (11)

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this dress:
06 June 03

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  1. I completely agree that necklace is something special. I love the many hues of green in your outfit. The dress is so pretty. I love your choice of shoes too!

  2. As usual.. I quite like the outfit you've come up with this time, too! You look very prepared for a casual day in the sun AND/OR ready to go out to a nice dinner! What great versatility. I'm getting ready to study abroad next semester and I will really need to utilize some versatility... And I need all the help I can get quite honestly.

  3. i love this outfit. i'm following you :)
    and your necklace is so cute. one question, is that your real eye color?

  4. Hello beautiful!Such a sweet smile and adorable style.I fell in love with your blog.I'd love to play in your weardrobe for a day:)or more...
    happy weekend!

  5. Hey! I just came across your blog..
    Lovely dress! It's so summer-ry! I abso. LOVe it :D

  6. Aw. I totally love your necklace and your shoes. So cute!

  7. I enjoyed Felicia´s question, because your beautiful eyes also are like beautiful pearls. And they are your real eye color. The happiness inside help make your eyes nicer than the pearls. The black jacket really added to your outfit. I also like the circular ball shapes on your dress which combine with the focal attention of the pearls. jgm

  8. Your outfit is very cute!
    I love hwo the beads go with dress :)
    Love your smile.


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