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June 9 - What I wore
Do you remember the Victor Victoria challenge I wrote about the other day? Well all the entries have been posted on What I Wore!!! I always get so excited when other bloggers do challenges that get all their readers involved. Plus, how cool is it to be mentioned on Jessica's very popular blog? well, awesome! jaja

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  1. That is awesome!! I loved your entry, and I like how she made you first!!!!

    Thanks again for the award, and especially for the kind comments on my blog. It meant so much!! You are right, it is about having fun, so thanks for the reminder and for sharing your thoughts :)

  2. Weeeeeeeeee!! It is so wonderful to be featured on your fellow fashionistas blog. Congrats and your outfit was great.

  3. It´s wonderful how all you share and appreciate each other. Congrats to all. jgm

  4. Woohooo how cool - congrats .. and a cute outfit to top it off :D xXx


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