Birthday Challenge: Happy Birthday Mamita!!

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When: June 2, 2010

White tanktop: ? (Panama)
Blue blazer: La Onda (Panama)
Plaid skirt: Birthday present from my parents
Black pumps: ? (Panama)
Black Liz Claiborne purse: TJ Max
Black Nine West belt: TJ Max
Floral zipper brooch: Forever XXI

Where: Finished decorating my personalized calendar!

Happy Birthday mamitaaaa!!!!! Today is my mother's birthday and she is the best mother I could have ever dreamed of having. She is loving, sincere, caring, and just a wonderful role model in my life. I am so proud to say I am the daughter of such a perfect mother and father. I only have good memories and a lot of love for both of them, so happy birthday mamita!
June 2 (9)
To go along with my birthday challenge, I came up with an outfit and a sign inspired by my mother. My mom is the one that taught me how to dress nicely and she is just such a stylish woman! She is the absolute queen of making perfectly matched outfits in which she always looks so beautiful. So in honor of those wonderful skills, I decided to make an outfit in which all of the items matched each other perfectly. I also made sure to include blue in my outfit since that's her favorite color.
June 2 (3)
In terms of the Happy birthday sing, I decided to make it in the shape of a heart to resemble all the love she has given me throughout my life. I also decided to make it green and blue (I know that in the photos it doesn't look green and blue but it is) because that is one of her favorite color combos!
June 2 (10)
So I just want to say Happy Birthday to my mom and to let her know I am missing her so much over here! Love you mamita!

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  1. Aww, happy birthday to your mom! It's funny how moms are always perfectly matching, my mom is the same:)

    You look adorable in this very lovely blue outfit!


  2. Wow that's incredibly sweet! I love your birthday challenge photos, they're all so colourful~

  3. Very cute! Happy Birthday to your lovely mom!

  4. A heart warming tribute to a most wonderful mom. You both are gifted in fashion and combining outfits, plus in shopping for them. 2 of a kind. 2 too wonderfuls. she is also so happy to be the mother of such a wonderful daughter like you. dad

  5. I love this shade of blue. And the photo of you and your mom is lovely. What a heritage to have a mom who is also a mentor ...

  6. Such a cute outfit! I love the plaid. Happy birthday to your mom!

  7. Happy birthday to your Mom! She is so fabulous with her design skills and love of turquoise and teal.

  8. What a lovely outfit! I especially like the plaid skirt...just beautiful. And happy birthday to your mother!

  9. Happy b'day Marie's mom :D

    Love that Blue checked skirt!

    Sal xXx

  10. Thank you for such lovely words and tribute. I was wondering what outfit you would pick to be inspired by my style. You chose a perfect one since its true blue is my fav color and I love the stylish working look. You inspire me all the time as well to try new things and styles... bought some skinny jeans today so we will see how and where I will wear them.... as you say gotta try new things and take a few risks but certainly stay " age apporpriate " Thats my motto now since I dont want to look ridiculous. LOL
    Love you bunches. MOM

  11. what a sweet present for your mom! I love the color palette and cute blazer!

    Chic on the Cheap

  12. This is the cutest thing ever! Love the sign and oh, my how I adore your outfit. I love your skirt.

  13. Oooh I rather adore this outfit! You look so... cute! Sophisticated and as usual, very put together. I especially like the flower pin you're wearing. Sweet. :]


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