Anti-Me Challenge Day 1: Groovy Baby!

June 28 (1)
June 28 (2)
June 28 (3)
June 28 (4)
June 28 (5)
June 28 (6)
June 28 (7)
June 28 (8)
June 28 (9)

When: Monday June 28, 2010

Orange blouse: ? (Panama)
Beige pants: They used to be my moms!
Jean jacket: ? (Panama)
Green Steve Madden wedges: Felix B. Maduro (Panama)
Green purse: ? (Panama)

Where: Started planning some improvements for my blog... stay tuned to see some exciting changes!

Today is the first day of my Anti-Me challenge and let me tell you, it's a true challenge! It's been so long since I try to style pants that I wasn't quite sure where to start. Nevertheless, I'm pretty happy with what I ended up with. I like how the orange, beige, and blue go together. I also really love the groovy print of this top, I felt so funky in it ;)

June 28 (10)

Here are all the ways in which I've worn these green wedges:
06 June 28

I also wanted to give a big thank you to Felicia from Lovely Curse for giving me the "One Little Sparkling Blog Award"! Thank you so much Felicia, you are so sweet!
June 28 - Sparkling Wine

Here are the rules to the award:
1. Answer the question : "What do you like the most about your own blog?"
2. Pass this award to another ten lovely ladies

Well, what I like most of my own blog is that I have been able to meet so many wonderful people. You have all made me feel so happy and you have no idea how much I enjoy your support... thank you so much!

The ten people I would like to pass this one to are:

1. Leah from Leah
2. LyddieGal from Chic on the Cheap
3. Charlotte from Ce qui m'inspire
4. Lemondrop Marie from Lemondrop Vintage
5. Debbie from Dark Horse
6. Libys11 from Animated Confessions
7. Brinny from Not.Without.Incident
8. Alyssa from Dizzy Miss Lissy
9. Ali from The Drawing Mannequin
10. Manecoarse from Sew Into Fashion

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  1. Fun outfit!! I'm loving those wedges.. too cute! :) xo-karrie

  2. Aww, thanks so much for the award!! Looking good for the first day of your challenge! I absolutely love your jacket I'm hoping to get around to making one something like that this summer!

  3. I am jealous of the fact that you own so many clothes!

  4. Hi. You have just issued me my first blog award!!! Thank you so much. You made my day.

  5. Oh this challenge would be so hard for me as well! Love that bright top, it still injects a bit of you into the look.

  6. I enjoyed how you matched the green so well from your shirt, purse and shoes. I also like your title groovy baby and the peace sign to match. Maxi-you! jgm

  7. Well certainly groovy colors and the green shoes and purse brings out the green in the top. Love how this first outfit turned out. The neutral pants and denim jacket tones down the bright colors and brings balance. Cant wait to see what other ones you come up with.

  8. You look great - I love those wedges!!

    Sal xXx

  9. gasp - pants!!
    You look adorable though, and this outfit really does feel like you! I'm interested to see what other looks you don't think are you, and if when you are done, they become your new favorites.

    congrats on the award, and thanks!!!

    Chic on the Cheap

  10. I love that blouse... I want one. The colors are great. Love the outfit.


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