Yes, they're blue

April 29 (1)
April 29 (2)
April 29 (3)
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April 29 (7)

When: Thursday April 29, 2010

Lace top: Saks (Panama)
Plaid skirt: B-day present from my parents
Blue tights: JC Penny's
Black pumps: ? (Panama)
Black belt: Christmas present from my parents
Silver purse: ? (Panama)

Where: Got together with some friends and heard some really funny stories... its always nice to catch up :)

I've noticed that when I wear colored tights people look at me differently; but when I wear blue tights in particular they look at me as if I was an alien!! jajaja I think its so funny the way they look at me all bewildered and confused while I just think "Yes, they're blue!". It really doesn't matter to me because I'm very confident in what I wear and I feel good in my skin. If I like it, then that is all that matters. So naturally, I just laughed and went skipping along :)
April 29 (8)

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this plaid skirt:
04 April 29

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  1. what fun to see combinations that work so well. the blue and black plad skirt is so easy for the eye to comfotably match with your tights and black shoes and purse. Most of all I like your attitude which is great and for all of us to remember. To be comfortable in our who we are. Each of us are unique and its a beautiful site and example each time we witness someone happy in their skin. congratulations. Your happiness never makes me feel blue! And I would, no one is blue looking at you! jgm

  2. Yes. Azul. Very lovely, very pretty :)

  3. Love the blue legs and you must have been thinking of Avatar when wearing them or is that the other people thinking of that alien movie. LOL Anyway they work great with the skirt and ruffly blouse. As you said you feel good in whatever you wear so no reason to feel out of it in your Avatar colored legs.... Its better to be looked over than to be over looked!!!!


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