Outfit of the week - Reader's Choice

April 5 (9)April 6 (11)
April 7 (9)April 8 (9)
April 9 (9)April 10 (25)
April 11 (10)

Which is the best outfit of the week?
1. Just bow it!
2. Winner of the Call me Captain giveaway!
3. Lying on the grass :)
4. Tricked by the weather channel... lol :)
5. A scarf as a shawl
6. A perfect moment at NYC
7. Booties with no tights?
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Last week's winner was....
April 4 (1)
"A visit from the Easter monkey"

Thanks for all the votes and support everyone!

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  1. Oooh this is a winning week for you! But I'm going with #2 because it is so country chic and charming.

  2. you make me laugh happily seeing how much you enjoy yourself and life, with those happy bunny ears. The outfit looks great on you. jgm

  3. This was a particular hard choice this week, I really loved them all!

    Polka Dot Biker Shorts

  4. It was hard to choose. I LOVED #2, but #3 just edged it out!

  5. It was a toss up between 1, 2 & 5 for me, I have a soft spot for bows, and layered pearls, but went with 2 because it was pretty preppy, and that always wins in my book :) What a great idea! I can't wait to vote each week!!!

    I live in Baltimore (Mt. Washington actually) but I work in Columbia, and we have a house in Parkton, so I'm all over the place! I would love to meet up and talk fashion!!

    ~ megan


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