A scarf as a shawl

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April 9 (2)
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April 9 (7)
Note: the wind was totally against my photo shoot today! jaja

When: Friday April 9, 2010

Red dress: ? (Panama)
Striped scarf: B-Day present from my friends
Black Nine West belt: TJ Max
Navy tights: El Costo (Panama)
Black booties: Payless Shoe Source
Pearls: Pasarella (Panama)
Bow purse: Forever XXI
Sunglasses: H&M

Where: Watched a movie with my boyfriend and this time I actually did buy something online... how exciting!

Today I was going for an all out glam sailor-ish look... I know there are lots of things going on with this outfit all at the same time, but that's sorda the beauty of it. I love the idea of wearing a scarf as a shawl by belting it! I think the shape of the "sleeves" looks superb and its nice and flowy. Plus, what girl doesn't love wearing that red dress? I know I do! (I like wearing all colors really, but whatever). Anyway, I'm happy with my look today! I felt it was very "different" :)
April 9 (8)
Here are all the ways in which I've worn this scarf:
04 April 09

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  1. Love the way you made that scarf into a shawl! Makes for a very cute one ;) & I wanted that purse so bad when I saw it at F21...it took a lot of effort not to buy it haha, I just can't afford to keep shopping! Lol..

    I think I already said this, but I really love your outfits. They're something you definitely won't find on anyone else, just so creative & personal! I love it :)

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  3. You look very elegant with all the pearls. And the colors are very pretty and exciting. If the bow on your purse is blue to match your tights thats far out. I enjoy the small details complimenting the other pieces. jgm

  4. I love this! I haven't tried this myself, yet, but I can definitely see doing this for some of my casual spring dresses, as a little extra layer with a lot of impact. Fab!

  5. The scarf worked sooo great as a shawl!! I'm loving it!!..and I love the blue tights with the red dress!

  6. LOVE all the black and white with the blue and red. Great look!

  7. This is a great look! I never would have thought to do this but you are really pulling it off!

  8. Great outfit, I love how you use bold colors and show your remixes!! I randomly saw you on Mode Republic (thinking of joining, do you like it?) and that you were from Baltimore. I LOVE your blog, especially the Disney Challenges, what a fun idea!! We should go shopping sometime :)

    ~ megan
    transmission me

  9. I'm so impressed by your creativity!

  10. This is such a sophisticated look. I think the pearls make the outfit!

    I also love the idea for the scarf as a shawl. You totally pulled it off!

  11. I love your look today weezie.. It is so fashion forward as you would say. So glam! It suits you well.

  12. This has been on my to do list for a while - the belted scarf look!

    It really suits you!



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