"I always enjoy seeing what you wear"

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When: Wednesday March 31, 2010

Green turtleneck: Present from my parents
Floral Liz Claiborne skirt: BMB (Panama)
Brown tights: Target
Caramel belt: Forever XXI
Beige boots: El Costo (Panama)
Brown Liz Claiborne purse: TJ Max
Tie-dye scarf: Present from my parents

Where: Pulled an all-nighter studying for an exam. Had to drink 1 cup of tea and 2 cups of coffee to do it, now I'm all buzzed! weeeeee! jaja

Today was a nice sunny day, perfect to go out without a coat and still be warm. Someone in my class today walked up to me and told me I looked so cute and that I always dress very fashionable. She also said that she always enjoys seeing what I wear to each of my classes... jajaja I was so flattered! It made the rest of my day extra special :)
March 31 (5)
Since I know it feels wonderful to get compliments, I try to compliment people (even strangers) often. Its such an easy way to make someone smile and brighten their day. Do you ever compliment strangers?

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this floral skirt:
03 March 31

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  1. Beautiful outfit! I adore that skirt and your scarf is so pretty!!



  2. I just complimented a complete stranger for her amazing pink trench the other day. I could tell it made her day!

  3. I have to say that I really like your wardrobe too! You always wear such pretty colours! I love the green of your turtleneck, and the skirt is so pretty too!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  4. Wonderful look, you always have such great colours!! I love your skirt!! :D

  5. yes, your colors are live and happy like you. sunshine to anyone who sees you. I´m sure most everyone in your classroom look forward to enjoying seeing your outfit for the day. Congratulations for marching to your own drum. you are an inspiration to many around you for sure. jgm

  6. The skirt is gorgeous. I love it when strangers compliment me so I should make sure to compliment them too.

  7. Gorgeous skirt! Yes, especially my mom friends because I know how extra hard it is to look good then ....

  8. Gorgeous skirt! Compliments are so great. Giving them and receiving them always gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling. :)

  9. Such a lovely outfit! My sister gave me a Liz Claiborne skirt she bought in the US which I absolutely adore.

  10. Your classmate was right, you do look really pretty in this outfit. That color green is really beautiful on you. I got a similar comment the other day, which I was totally surprised about: someone told me that they I am always well combined and dress really nice. I always try to tell people whenever they look nice as well. Its a great feeling.

  11. this is so pretty! That skirt is so so lovely!

  12. That skirt is adorable it is SO pretty!

    I remember that once when visting my mum in hospital the girl behind the desk said she loved my dress and the way I did my make-up - it made me feel amazing!

    I often see lots of people that I love there style - but if I dont know them im a bit to shy to say it to their faces :D

    CC xXx


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