I love... surprises!

Fourteen Days of Love 01 - Surprises (2)
I'm a person who loves surprises! Something about not knowing and then receiving an unexpected surprise is just so much fun in my mind :) A good example would be these beautiful flowers my boyfriend surprised me with for our 2 year anniversary.

Fourteen Days of Love 01 - Surprises
Surprises for me are mega special and they always put a smile on my face :)

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  1. That is SO sweet!!! Happy two year anniversary :)


  2. awe tulips are the best. He sounds like a keeper.

  3. He sure knows how to make you feel special. So cool to see the tulips in the window sill with the snow on the ground down below. It really is so nice to receive surprises and flowers are so nice!!! Congrats on being together for 2 years.


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