I love.... smilling & being happy

Fourteen Days of Love 03 - Smiling and being happy
Although this may sound like an obvious one, I love smilling and being happy. In the past two years, my outlook on life has changed radically and this I am so grateful for. Its not that I used to be a sad and depressed person, its just that I wasn't energetic or happy on a daily basis.

I am so happy to say that now I wake up every morning with a smile on my face. There are so so SO many reasons to be happy that I just find it impossible to stop smilling... and I gotta admit, I
love being this happy!
Fourteen Days of Love 03 - Smiling and being happy (2)

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  1. wow you couldnt have posted a better picture of your swirling around in the backyard in total happiness. This picture is a classic of our most wonderful letting all her happiness glow and show. dad

  2. is the previous picture above St. Patrick´s Cathedral in NY? If it is, thats where your grandparents got married.

  3. I´ve come back to this blog a few more times to enjoy reading todays blog, about how happy you are and for seeing you swirl in that picture where it´s incredible to see so much happiness in your movements and face expressions. Like they say in Spanish...realmente me llena verte asi. dad

  4. Aaawww!! thanks so much dad! your words are very sweet and make me feel so happy and special. Thanks!

  5. Weeeeeeeee... love your twirling and your smile and let me say your happiness is contagious. We are so happy that you are soooooo happy. It brings smiles and tears of joy to our faces and eyes! may God preserve you always so happy.


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