I love... dancing in the rain

Fourteen Days of Love 09 - Dancing in the rain
For some strange reason, I have always loved dancing in the rain. Its wonderful to walk around and feel the drops of cool water fall on my skin... I find it quite relaxing to be honest. I also love hearing the water drops outside my window in the morning. Its such a wonderful way to wake up! Well, let's just say I love the rain :)

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  1. I wish we had more rain in Lahaina.. :) I hope you are well Marie.

    xx Love & Aloha.

  2. you sure know how to enjoy everything life has to put on your plate. thanks for sharing all this wonderfulness so we do the same. Your pic says you enjoy the rain, dressed for it, enjoying it!

  3. I love the mix of yellow and teal! It looks great! And your wellies are so fun! I totally want some to jump around in puddles :D


  4. I'm totally agree with you!
    by the way, thank you for your comment in weardrobe, I really enojoyed your blog, quite pretty :) gabirul

  5. This is such and adorable rainy day look!

  6. Well coming from a rainy tropical country where it rains every day for 9 months it is logical to get use to and then enjoy the rain. There is something soothing to hear the rain fall outside our windows. It makes us want to curl up and read a book and take a nap. The coolness after the rain makes you feel like life is renewing itself. I am so glad that you enjoy going out there and enjoying the rain since there is such another view of how to enjoy the rain. Your outfit is bright and fun looking. Keep up the happy thoughts and activities.


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