A Choo-Choo type of Valentine! (Activities)

Feb 14 (9)
Today I had the most wonderful time making crafts and baking goodies! I call this Valentine's day a Choo-Choo valentine because my craft and goodies were both related with trains! Here is everything I made today:
Feb 14 (10)
I started with the Heart shaped Rice Crispy snacks. It was very very easy and fast, I was pleasantly surprised! (I got the recipe from here if anyone is interested). I started by melting the marshmallows:
Feb 14 (11)
Then I added the red food coloring and the rice crispy cereal. After it was well mixed, I started cutting the treats in heart shapes with a cookie cutter:
Feb 14 (12)
And voila! All done! It was so easy and fast, and very tasty too! I love how they turned out, I will have to make these again sometime :)
Feb 14 (13)
After finishing the rice crispies, I started making some cupcakes! Yum yum!
Feb 14 (14)
This year I decided to decorate them as a Love train! (Recipe from here). I used different types of candies to make the train and some decorating gel to make the tracks. They turned out sooo cute with the little "I Choo-choose you!" smoke signs! jeje I loved them :)
Feb 14 (15)
My boyfriend also decided to help decorate some muffins... his style is much more simple though! jaja I thought they were so cute anyway, he is soooo adorable:
Feb 14 (16)
The last thing I made for this Valentine's day is a Love train tissue box cover made out of Plastic Canvas!
Feb 14 (17)
I thought this craft was sooo adorable that I couldn't resist making it for this Valentine's day. It has the cutest little bear waving from the window:
Feb 14 (18)
It also has adorable heart details everywhere! Every time I look at it, I can't help but smile :)
Feb 14 (19)
All in all, it was a wonderful Valentine's day. My boyfriend was happy to help me in all my crazy crafts and projects and we had a blast spending time together. Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's day!
Feb 14 (20)

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  1. Happy Valentines Day 2U + Smoochie, most wonderful. dad

  2. Hope your day was full of fun and love!!! Mom

  3. Oh my gosh, these are all so darling!
    You have such a talent for all things crafty and tasty!


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