Super special X-mas shopping

Dec 23 (1)
Dec 23 (2)
Dec 23 (3)
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Dec 23 (7)

When: Wednesday December 23, 2009

Brown skirt: Panama
White top: Panama
Jean jacket: Panama
Pink wedges: Panama
Pink purse: borrowed from my mom
Beige hat: Panama

Where: X-Mas shopping with my entire family and a birthday get-together with my friends.

I like today's look!! I feel its so cute! I especially love this outfit because I am wearing my "Gingerbread skirt". For some reason, the border pattern and color of this skirt reminds me of a Gingerbread house or something like that, and as I have said several times, I love gingerbread houses!! Yai! Happy outfits are so fun :)

Today I had a super special x-mas shopping experience with my entire family. It is very few the times that all of us can go out together, so it was super special to me! I again really enjoyed all the Christmas decorations at the mall. In this case, it was a HUGE Christmas tree!
Dec 23 (8)
Dec 23 (9)
Here is another way in which I've worn these pink wedges:

12 Dec 23

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  1. That's a really cute skirt indeed. It's fun!

  2. Good shopping, Marie. Love the skirt, the bag and the flats. Beautiful.

  3. Oh my gosh, those shoes are toooooo cute!

  4. love this outfit!!!! and all the photos! we are still christmassing this weekend at my parents. i have been accepted by skirt magazine as a skirt setter blogger. i am so happy and honored. can't wait to get back in the swing of regular stuff. see u soon! have a great new year! *reva


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