Putting up the mini X-Mas tree

Dec 22 (12)

Today we had a wonderful family get-together at my sister's apartment. We had a delicious dinner and then we all had fun putting up my sister's mini X-Mas tree. We were all doing so many silly things and sharing so many laughs:
Dec 22 (13)

I swear my family brings the silliest part of my out... jejeje, and that is saying something! Me and my sister are the ones who worked on the tree the most:
Dec 22 (14)

We even had mini-sized lights and ornaments for the tree:
Dec 22 (15)

We topped it off with a cute angel. It really is the perfect finishing touch:
Dec 22 (16)

I really fell in-love with how the tree looked in the end. It was so cute with the miniature lights and the small pink and silver balls. It really reflected my sister and her personality.
Dec 22 (17)

I also just HAVE to post these ADORABLE pictures of my sister's cat Cleo and her dog Sammy. These two could really melt anyone's heart! So adorable!
Dec 22 (19)
Dec 22 (20)
Dec 22 (18)

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  1. Great pictures, Marie. thanks for posting. Love the yellow skirt and the purple top. You look so pretty! Nice looking feline too.


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