Calling all readers!


For 2010, I would love to make improvements to my blog and add or remove parts to make it more interesting and unique. I would like to ask all of you, my lovely readers, what suggestions for improvements you may give me.

You could just let me know what your favorite part of this blog is and what are the things you would like to see improve. You can write me a comment here or just shoot me an email at thejoyoffashion @

I appreciate each and every one of your suggestions, so dont be shy to speak up (you could always post as anonymus if your shy btw... jeje)

Thanks everyone!

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  1. right now I can´t think of anything to improve on your blog as I feel it´s excellent. Nice pics, cute never ending outfits and combinations, and refreshing attitude -- its a joyoffashion and joyoflife. congratulations and thankyou for sharing over these past months. dad

  2. I love your blog as it is too! I would avoid adding too much new content or bells and whistles. It would be fun to see you do some how-to's on things like layering, pattern mixing, and scarf tying.

  3. i agree! you're always fun to read :)
    i would love to get more information about Panama though! you always just have "panama" in the description, and i would love to learn more! maybe some local fashion pics when you head home again? or even stores that might ship internationally, or native designers?
    just a thought!

    xo melrose

  4. I agree with the comments so far. I really like this blog as is. Tutorials would be fun. And I would love to know more about your stuff from Panama.

    Another thing I really like is how you refer back to how you've worn items previously. Maybe you could do some remix challenges to see how many ways you can make something work?

    Keep up the good work! This blog inspires me a lot.

  5. Yaiiiii!!! These are all wonderful suggestions! Thank you so much everyone! I will definitely put this ideas into action! Thanks again :)

  6. Marie,
    I adore your blog, you are so gorgeous and your outfits are always cute and origional! I too can't think of any way to improve it!


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