Outfit of the Week - Reader's Choice

Dec 14 (7)Dec 15 (11)
Dec 16 (9)Dec 17 (8)
Dec 18 (14)Dec 19 (12)
Dec 20 (6)

Which outfit is the best of the week?
1. First all nighter in years!
2. Cookies and Milk
3. Red Red Wine
4. Metallics during th day
5. Christmas Spirit
6. Blizzard time
7. A Christmas miracle
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Last week's winner was...................
Dec 12 (1)
"So many possibilities"

Thanks for all the votes!

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  1. Can´t get over how great the whole content of pic #6 is. Great outfit, pose, attitude and contrast of happy colors in the snowtime! Also #7 is great in smart outfit with modern city life effect of andy warhol soda machines in background. jgm

  2. I love #2 a lot, but I have to say #6 is my favorite.

    Hope you had a great holiday!



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