New kitties!

Dec 21 (1)
Dec 21 (2)
Dec 21 (3)
Dec 21 (4)
Dec 21 (5)
Dec 21 (6)
Dec 21 (7)

When: Monday December 21, 2009

Mexican print dress: Panama
Grey blazer: Forever XXI
Red belt: Panama
Red Jessica Simpson flats: Panama
Red purse: borrowed from my mom (Panama)
Jewelry: Also borrowed from my mom (Panama)

Where: Shopping with my mom and brother and meeting our new kitties!

I didnt get a chance to sleep since I arrived at 9:30 a.m. this morning after traveling for more than 24 hours... jeje. It was lovely to finally arrive at my house and feel at peace. I love that my mom always has my room "ready" for my arrival by cleaning it up and adding the most beautiful flowers to my nighstand. It really does brighten my arrival:
Dec 21 (15)

In the afternoon, I went shopping with my brother and mother (instead of sleeping, jeje). It was so fun to see all the beautiful christmas decorations at the mall:
Dec 21 (10)
Dec 21 (9)

I really like today's outfit and the print on my mexican inspired dress. I also looove all the red details in the outfit, including the red lipstick and the cute red flats!
Dec 21 (8)

Later that night, my brother brought two new kitties to the house!!! They are so small and adoooooorrraaable!
Dec 21 (11)

There are two brother kitties: a male and a female. We are keeping the male:
Dec 21 (13)

And my sister is keeping the female:
Dec 21 (12)

They are both so cute and adorable! I really look forward to playing with them and having fun!

Here is the other way in which I've worn this Mexican patterned dress:
12 Dec 21

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  1. What a lovely pattern on your skirt, Marie. The necklace and bag and belt go beautifully with it. Nice jacket too.

  2. Marie, I commented in the poll section, but I wanted to say again what a nice outfit you've put together here. The pops of red that you've made with the accessories and lipstick are awesome. I really like the belted grey blazer over the dress, it makes the outfit look so polished. Happy New Year!


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