Monday's tip of the week

Dec 14 - Take photo of outfit (1)

Today's tip of the week is to take photos of your outfits beforehand! I know it may sound sorda geeky, but trust me its worth it!

What I do is that I pick an item that I want to wear or haven't worn in a while (such as a dress, skirt, top, etc) and then I build an outfit around that. I usually try it all on to make sure it looks as good on as it does in my head, although this is an optional step. Then I place it all on my bed and take a picture of it; one of the entire outfit and one close up. The photos look something like this:

Dec 14 - Take photo of outfit (2)
Dec 14 - Take photo of outfit (3)

Then, everything else is easy! The night before, I always check the weather and look through my outfits to pick something appropriate. I also pick something that goes with my "mood of the time". The best thing about this is that you can dress so much quicker in the morning and you also dress so much better! So go ahead and give it a try and see how quick and easy it is to dress nicely everyday!

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  1. you sure are organized! & it makes so much sense! It´s wonderful you share. thanks. jgm

  2. Yes you are very organized. I know you do this but I just cant seem to do that for myself. I just make up my outfits in the morning. I guess that is why I always run late.... your method must be much better.


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