Monday's tip of the week: Summer dresses into the fall

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Today's tip of the week is how to use summer dresses into the fall and winter. Now I am definitely no expert since this is my first fall/winter season ever. But I'll share my ideas anyway and hope they inspire you to get more use out of your summer dresses!

So here are a couple of elements you can add to a summer dress in order to make it more fall appropriate:

1. Tights or leggings: This is the most essential thing you need in order to make a summer dress more fall appropriate. The safe bet is to add black or brown, those always look great; but if you want to be more daring: add colored tights! An easy rule of thumb in terms of what color to choose is to look for a color in the print/design of the dress. That way you're sure it combines.

Nov 30 - colored tights 2Nov 30 - colored tights

2. Boots: The next step is to add boots in order to keep those feet warm! Plus, who doesn't love wearing boots? They make outfits instantly chic! If you need extra warmth, put on a pair of thick socks on top of the tights... that will do the trick!

Nov 30 - add boots 2Nov 30 - add boots

3. Chunky sweater: This immediately says: "this is a winter outfit". It makes the summer dress look much more appropriate and it keeps you warm as well. I would invest in classic colors such as white, brown, black, or grey because they go with everything.

Nov 27 (2)Nov 30 - chunky sweater

4. Closed jacket: put a closed trendy jacket on top of your dress and it suddenly becomes a skirt! This is a great way to decrease the amount of summer pattern and/or fabric in your outfit. I have personally used this trick to show off how cool my motorcycle jackets looked zipped up... thats an extra bonus right there!

Nov 30 - as skirt with jacketNov 25 (1)

5. Scarf: This is such an easy and obvious option I don't know why I'm even mentioning it! jaja. In terms of making a summer dress look more fall-ish, I would say the chunkier the scarf the better!

Nov 27 (1)Nov 28 (1)

6. Warm top: Another option is to wear a warm top underneath the summer dress. My favorite top to do this is a classic white turtleneck. It goes with everything and its a winter/fall staple!

Nov 30 - Warm top underneath 2Nov 23 (1)

7. Hat: A winter looking hat like a beret or a felt fabric hat are cute and very winter appropriate! This is just a finishing touch to make the summer dress a little more fall-ish.

Nov 30 - add a hat 210 Oct 13 (1)

Give it a try! Wear some summer dresses into the fall! That way you get more use out of the dresses and you have more variety of clothes to wear. All it takes is a little imagination. How are you wearing summer clothes into fall?

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  1. Great tips and tricks! I love your use of color, by the way. You look beautiful in all these shades!


  2. you really have a knack for making it all so clear and simple and easy to understand. All those pics are fantastic. jgm

  3. Fabulous tips, doll! You've covered all the bases.

  4. You look very sweet. The look reminds me of "ballerina off duty."


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