Merry Christmas (Pet Edition)

Dec 25 (27)
Since my family's pets were just TOO adorable this Christmas, I decided to make a post just for them! Lets start off with Maxi's, our new kitty's, first Christmas!
Dec 25 (28)
Now lets see what is the outfit Sammy, my sister's dog, first arrived with:
Dec 25 (29)
Aaawww, its a Santa outfit!! Then Sammy received a new Christmas shirt:
Dec 25 (30)
After that, Sammy was "blessed" with another outfit! This time it was a ladybug costume (one of my sister's favorite animals):
Dec 25 (31)
Dec 25 (32)
And last but not least, Sammy received a raincoat to protect him on those wet days:
Dec 25 (33)
Dec 25 (34)
Is Sammy adorable or what?!?!

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  1. Sammy´s expressions are priceless. The outfits look cute on him and he seems to be trying to cope with it all as a good sport. Although, like you, he likes putting on outfits. I guess so many changes of outfits in such a short period of time and all of us laughing at how cute he looked in each brought about these expressions.


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