Merry Christmas! (Activities)

Dec 25 (26)
This year was definitely one of the best Christmas holidays I have ever had! I had SO much fun and everyone was just so happy and pleased with how everything turned out. What we do is we start the day off by waking up and running to look at all the presents "Santa" has left under the tree:
Dec 25 (11)
Then we get ready and eat a special Christmas breakfast. Many of us like to dress according to the holiday like my mom and dad who wore red and green.
Dec 25 (12)
I also love that this year, me entire family wore some type of holiday accesory on their head such as Santa's, hats, reindeers, and snowmen. It really added to the holiday spirit!
Dec 25 (14)
Then we each get our stockings and start devouring all the goodies that are inside!
Dec 25 (13)
Then its off to opening all the presents!! Its so much fun to see what each of us got and show others what we received. I received much more than I expected this year which made me feel extra special! My dad usually takes a cazzillian pictures of each present we open, which I am so grateful for because we end up with a whole lot of good pictures!
Dec 25 (15)
Some gifts are very thoughtful and useful such as all the clothes and accesories my parents gave me as well as the awesome MAC make-up brushes my brother and her girlfriend gave me:
Dec 25 (16)
Other gifts bring me inspiration, such as the "100 years of Fashion Illustration" book my other brother gave me.
Dec 25 (17)
Some gifts make us all laugh:
Dec 25 (18)
While others make tears of happiness stream down my face:
Dec 25 (19)
Dec 25 (20)
(Customized Photo frame)
Dec 25 (21)
(Matching sister braceletes)

And then there are those gifts that took you SO long to make/finish such as the secret craft I have been talking about so much lately. I FINALLY will show what it is!!
Dec 25 (23)
I made a paint by number painting!! I am SOOOO pleased with how it turned out!! I was so excited to give it to my parents for Christmas to see the look on their faces. They absolutely LOVED it, especially since I worked so hard on it.
Dec 25 (22)
After everyone opened their presents, we had another family dinner including my grandmother and my uncle. The dinner was delicious and we all shared a lot of laughs. The best part was the dessert since my mom had baked SO many different kinds of goodies to choose from. Everyone was pleased, even my grandmother worked her way through the dessert tray:
Dec 25 (24)
As I said before, it was definitely one of the best Christmas I have ever had. I am so grateful for all the presents I received, but I am mostly grateful for having such a wonderful family to share all of these moments with. Hope you all had a wondeful holiday season!
Dec 25 (25)

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  1. Fortunately all our Christmas´ have been nothing short of wonderful. And as you say, this one may be the most wonderful of them all. It seems everyone got more involved in wanting to give each other special gifts than receiving. I think we also each year appreciate how special we all are to each other as family members. Yes, the painting you made took our breathe away along with the dedication that went with it. It will be framed and find a special place in our home forever. dad

  2. Look at all of those presents! I thought I went all out! Can't wait to see what this year brings.


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