"Its the most wonderful time of the year..."

Dec 1 (1)
Dec 1 (2)
Dec 1 (3)
Dec 1 (4)
Dec 1 (5)
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Dec 1 (8)

Look at the cute holiday window stickers in my appt! I love them!
Dec 1 (10)
Dec 1 (11)

And some cheesecake snacks I ate after dinner! :
Dec 1 (9)

When: December 1, 2009

Floral skirt: Panama
Burgundy t-shirt: Panama
Green mini-jacket: somewhere when I went to Europe
Brown tights: Target
Brown boots: Payless Shoe Source
Gold purse: Present from my parents
Jewelry: Present from my mom (she knows I love stars!)
Hair pin: Present from my brother and his girlfriend :)

Where: A dessert guessing event with free cheesecake tasters! Yum!

December is definitely the most wonderful time of the year for me. I just LOVE Christmas! I love the Christmas spirit, getting together with family, decorating the tree, wrapping the presents, seeing people smile when they open them. Everything! I love it all!

In lights of the first day of this special month, I decided to wear a Christmas inspired outfit (hence the green and red together). I usually never pair these two colors together because I know it automatically makes you think of Christmas, but that sorda was the idea today! Plus, I think this green and red in particular are more subtle than the bright green and red combo.

Today I went to a really cool dessert guessing event! They had several contestants smelling and tasting desserts blindfolded and they had to guess what flavors they were. It was pretty fun :) And the best part of it all was the free cheesecake tasters!! They had plain, chocolate, and raspberry! Yum yum!

Here are other ways in which I've worn this skirt:

Dec 1Dec 1 (2)

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  1. Great idea of wearing green and red together, I'm not feeling Christmassy yet but my target for this week is to wear xmas-coloured outfits!!!


  2. Cute! I love your star jewelry.

  3. Very beautiful pics of you. You look unique in that outfit. All your pics also have nice background and right time of day to get fresh shots that ads to the wonder of each pic. The closeup of the skirt is nice and you can see where all the other pieces of our outfit combine with this multi-colored skirt. Very refreshing. jgm

  4. Adorable, love the shoes and necklace.

  5. Oooh, I LOVE that skirt. I think this pairing is the very best, and I do love the little green mini-sweater with the red top, too. So beautiful!


  6. That is such a pretty skirt! And dessert tasting? Sounds like HEAVEN!!! :D


  7. omg! i soooo love this skirt, may i feature it on ILOVESKITZ? with props to you, of course? reva;)


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