Don't compete with the neckline

Dec 27 (1)
Dec 27 (2)
Dec 27 (3)
Dec 27 (4)
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When: Sunday December 27, 2009


Aqua dress: Christmas present from my parents (Panama)

Navy tights: Panama

Off white belt: Panama

Beige wedges: Panama
Beige Tommy Hilfiger purse: Borrowed from my mom


Finally a day to rest at home and catch up on some of my sleeping needs.. jeje :)

Before I start talking about my outfit, I just HAVE to share these cute pictures of our new kitty, Maxi:
Dec 27 (8)
Dec 27 (9)

Ok, that shown, lets get on with the outfit talk.. jeje :)

Sometimes there are some items, like this beautiful aqua dress my parents gave me for Christmas, that have such an interesting neckline that there really shouldnt be anything else competing with it. Since the beauty of this dress was the straps and the neckline, I pulled my hair up so it was clearly visible and I also held back from adding a necklace. That way, there isnt anything else competing with the neckline's "spotlight".. jeje

I really wanted to wear this aqua dress today, but I didnt know what to pair it with. I just happened to try these leggins on and I really liked the two colors together! This may become a new favorite combo: navy & aqua! Have any onf you ever worn these two colors together?

Here are other outfits in which I've worn a somewhat similar color combo:

12 Dec 27 (3)12 Dec 27 (2)
12 Dec 2712 Dec 27 (4)

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  1. Kitties! I have two myself and I love them.

    Also love green/blue combo. I just bought some similar colored leggings and I have no idea what to pair them with. I just love the color, so I had to have them!

  2. You look like summer impersonated! Makes me think of warm summer days, as I sit in Chicago in 18 degree weather.

    I like the aqua and navy together. I like navy combined with lots of other blues: with aqua, with teal, with baby blue, or with bright royal blue.

    Adorable kitty! All the pet pictures you've posted the last few days have been so cute!


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