Christmas Eve Gingerbread house (Activities)

Dec 24 (15)

As I have said way too many times before, I looooovvveee gingerbread houses! I think they are so cute with their adorable designs and the fact that they are all made of candies. This year, I discovered that supermarkets sell Gingerbread houses kits and I got so excited! So for Christmas Eve, me and my sister worked on this cute gingerbread house together.

The kits are wonderful because the house is already made and it comes with all the candies and icing you need to make an adorable gingerbread house:
Dec 24 (9)

I started the fun project by adding the icing to the house:
Dec 24 (10)

Then both me and my sister added the candies to the house:
Dec 24 (12)
Dec 24 (11)

The last step we invented was to add coconut on the floor so it looked like snow. And voila, we finished in no time! I enjoyed it so much and it turned out adorable!
Dec 24 (13)
Dec 24 (14)

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