Christmas Eve Gingerbread house (outfit)

Dec 24 (1)
Dec 24 (2)
Dec 24 (3)
Dec 24 (4)
Dec 24 (5)
Dec 24 (6)
Dec 24 (7)

When: Thursday December 24, 2009

White embellished top: Panama
Beige jacket: B-Day present from my parents
Red skirt: Panama
Blue stilettos: Panama
Blue purse: Borrowed from my mom
Blue bow hair accesory: Forever XXI

Where: Decorated a gingerbread house, went to mass, and had a Christmas dinner with my family (yum!)

Since its Christmas eve, I wanted to dress with either red or green just like most other people do. So I started with the skirt and added the neutral white top and beige jacket; but then I decided I wanted to add an unexpected pop so I chose these blue stilettos (which I LOVE) and added the other blue accents as well. I really like how it ended up because its festive and yet original.

Since this top has such a beautiful embellished neckline, I decided it was best not to add a blue necklace that would compete with the neckline:
Dec 24 (8)

Even my mom dressed fabulous today. She had a black and white dress that fit her perfectly and she added red accents to give it that holiday feel:
Dec 24 (16)

Here is another way in which I've worn this skirt:
12 Dec 24

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  1. I enjoyed this outfit. At first glance, the blue purse is an interesting pop, but on 2nd and 3rd looks it´s fun to see how it´s complimented in less subtle ways with the blues shoes, then the blue bow and lastly the blue earings.


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