Berry inspiring!

Dec 9 (1)
Dec 9 (2)
Dec 9 (3)
Dec 9 (4)
Dec 9 (5)
Dec 9 (6)
Dec 9 (7)

When: December 9, 2009

Purple dress: Panama
Light Pink jacket: Panama
Red scarf: Made by my mom!
Brown tights: Target
Plaid pumps: Walmart
Brown Liz Claiborne purse: TJ Max
Red Beret: Forever XXI

Where: Enjoying the goodies I received in the mail

This is another one of those outfits I loooooooove. One reason is because I am wearing these shoes, which as I have said in the past just make me so happy when I wear them. I think what I love the most though are all the colors in this outfit.

I have this new idea where I will post a picture of what inspired me to create some of the outfits I create. Hopefully this will motivate all of you to look for inspiration in the simple things of life in order to create beautiful and creative outfits. In this case, I was inspired by berries and all their different colors.
Berry Pattern
I really love how all of these colors look together, so I tried to convey that in my outfit. I added the patterned plaid shoes for interest and well because I love them. I also looove how the red beret looks with the red scarf my mom made and my red lipstick! Yai, this is one of those happy happy outfits :)

Here are other ways in which I've worn these happy plaid shoes:
12 Dec 9 (5)12 Dec 9 (2)
12 Dec 9 (3)

PS: Sorry for the late posts, I'm in my last two weeks of this semester so I'm crazy studying and all that.

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  1. LOVE! The colours are fantastic, I can totally see your berry inspiration.

  2. oh-la-la! What an absolutely cute happy outfit! You look beautiful in every pic. actually wonderful! jgm

  3. A gorgeous color combo indeed! And I'm so jealous of your curved hem bolero collection ... hands down my favorite garment.

  4. I love all of these colors! So inspired and warm. You look beautiful in these pictures and your scarf is amazing!

    Thank you so much for all of your sweet comments!

  5. Gorgeous, Marie. Beautiful red scarf and beret, nice purple dress. Of the looks on the bottom of the post, I like the one on the bottom with the light blue skirt and oh, cute shoes!


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