Berry inspiring indeed!

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When: December 13, 2009

White turtleneck: Panama
Red skirt: Forever XXI
Purple cardi: Panama
Brown tights: Target
Rain boots:
Brown Coach bag: NYC
Brown belt: Panama
Jewelry: Panama

Where: Running in the rain and enjoying the chocolate cake I made yesterday.

I must have really been inspired by berries the other day because I found myself wearing similar colors today as well!! In this case, I was more inspired by a strawberry and blueberry combination.
Dec 13 - berries
I am really in love with how these two shades of "berries" look together! I was really looking for something to go with my floral boots since it was raining today. This outfit was perfect for the occasion, and I took advantage of the rain to have some fun running around with my boyfriend (Yes, I'm very silly... I know :).

Here are other ways in which I've worn this skirt:

12 Dec 13 (2)10 Oct 13 (1)
12 Dec 13

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  1. This is a "berry" nice combination of colors. I love the bright skirt and the purple sweater. Purple is one of your best colors. Those boots are so girly and awesome.

  2. Those boots are just darling!

  3. I love how colorful and gorgeous this outfit is! Those rainboots are so adorable!!


  4. This is very pretty! Those boots are fantastic!

  5. i agree with panamama...berry berry nice. jgm


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