Why dont you...

Image: www.familyfun.go.com/

Why don't you....

Plan ahead and make some really unique thanksgiving desserts and treats!! I recently discovered recipes at
Disney's family fun website and I am now completely inspired to try new and fun thanksgiving treats! They really look sensational and very easy to do! I think I enjoy making them and decorating them more than eating them.... well, not really, nothing beats eating them! jajaja. Anyway, keep an open mind and give it a try! Invite your best friend over, your mom, or your boyfriend and have a fun and happy day of making treats! Believe me, at the end, you will be very happy to eat them ;)

PS: The photo on the top is a cookie BTW... yes, the recipes on that site are THAT cool!

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  1. YUM! You're making me crave thanksgiving food! Great website. - Natalya of Wear Necessities


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