Thrills at Six Flags!






When: November 1, 2009

Multi-color top: Panama
Jean jacket: Panama
White tee: Target
Beige pants: Panama
Brown Boots: Payless Shoe Source

Where: Six Flags!! yaaaaaiii!!

Today I went to Six Flags with my friends! Yaiii, I love roller coasters! It was soooo fun to run up and down the park getting on all sorts of thrilling rides. It was also extra special because the entire park was decorated with spooky Halloween stuff. I know my outfit isn't anything spectacular today, but I was going to an amusement park! I tried to create a really comfy look that also had some sense of style to it. I think I did a pretty good job!

I sure had a WHOLE lot of fun! Just take a look at two of the major roller coasters I got on. One looks like a knot to me (and makes you feel that way too once you get off), and the other has the longest drop I have ever been on:

Six Flags - June 29 (18)

Very daring huh? Would you dare to get on any of these roller coasters?

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  1. Wouldnt get on those roller coasters for all the money in the world. Barf city it would be and one hysterical mama here!!! You are very brave to go over and over again. Well sometimes we just gotta go comfy on our outings. Joanne


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