Shopping goodies sneak peek!

Nov 27 (9)

Here is a sneak peek of all the wonderful goodies I got myself in my first black Friday shopping spree! I had such a wonderful time, and I really like all the things I got. How did your shopping go?

Here is what I look like after a day of shopping:

Nov 27 (8)

jajajaja, I couldnt contain my joy of shopping!! weeeee, I'm so silly sometimes :)

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  1. Love this! :) I actually braved the shopping crowd yesterday too and got some amazing deals myself @ H&M. I am loving the sneak peak of your stuff- esp. that black jacket! Lovely!!


  2. Love that photo of you! I just did some shopping online. Glad you found some fun stuff =)

  3. Love your blog!!! I found a lot of good deals too!!

    ooo and Im from Panama too but I live in Florida

  4. Well I guess it was a successful day of shopping. Sometimes we stike it lucky and find great things at bargain prices. Glad you had so much fun. Have never shopped on a Black Friday either. I try to avoid the malls when there are so many people there.


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