Plaid week: The splashing dolphins






When: November 6, 2009

Purple plad skirt: Present from my mom! (Panama)
White t-shirt: Target
Light blue cardi: Belonged to somebody in my family... I dunno who?
Black tights: Target
Black Nine West belt: TJ max
Black Booties: Payless Shoe Source
Purple purse: Panama
Purple hat: Marshalls
Dolphin craft: Michaels

Where: To the mall and out to dinner at a rotating sushie bar!

Today was an absolute wonderful day! I did my favorite thing in the entire world: shoooopppiiinnnggg!!! weeeee!! After doing some wonderful shopping, me and my boyfriend decided to eat dinner at a rotating sushie bar. It was so cool to see all the sushie plates rotating around the bar, and all we had to do was pick them up! Oh, and I also finished one of my crafts today: a dolphin craft!! It was very easy actually, just had to scratch the black part off in the indicated areas and voila: shiny dolphins!! what do you think, did it turn out good?

In terms of the outfit, I am wearing the third and last plaid skirt my mom gave me for my bday! They each have a different color and different shape, I love all three of them! I'm really liking the blue and purple combo these days, I seem to end up wearing it all the time! I felt even more chic today because of the pretty purple hat I got at Marshalls. I looove the shape of this hat, its sorda retro and feminine.

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  1. you look really sharp in that outfit. The outdoor pic shows the hat color matches your purse and skirt. jgm

  2. i like your dolphins. you are a doll so the guys are the (shark)fins. watchout!

  3. I love the dolphins and I think this outfit is super cute on you! I am really into plaid lately =) xoxo

    I love sushi too!

  4. What a cute outfit. The blue and purple combo does look great on you. Recycling clothes are a lot of fun. Always fun to pull out stuff you thought was dead and revive them with new accessories like belts and hats. Thats why you never throw out something that you may reuse in the future. Joanne


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