Monday's tip of the week: Different ways to wear scarves

This week's tip is to try different ways of wearing scarves!! The best thing about scarves is that they come in all colors and textures, and they can be used in so many ways!! Here are a couple of tips on how I wear them:

1. The traditional way: To tie the scarf around your neck, just fold it in half, put it around your neck, and then put the loose end (the one that isn't a loop) into the hole of the loop of the other end... Then pull.. it should look something like this:

Nov 20 (6)Nov 23 - Scarf 15

2. A longer version: To have the scarf look longer than the previous one, just put it around your neck (without folding it in half or anything), cross the two ends, and put one end into the loop to create a loose knot. This is pretty much the first knot you make when you are tying your shoe laces. The result is a long scarf around your neck, like this:

Nov 23 - Scarf 10Nov 23 - Scarf 11
Note: in the second picture, both me and my mom are sporting this scarf style!

3. The little silky scarf: This is my favorite way of wearing scarves! You just double knot a small silky scarf around your neck and voila! Instant chic! I always feel so french chic when I do this for some reason... :)

Nov 23 - Scarf 13Nov 23 - Scarf 12

4. The loopy loop: I have only worn this once, but I am loving it already! All you have to do is put the scarf around your neck (no need to fold in in half), get one end and twirl it around your neck until its back where it started and you have a "loop" around your neck, and then just pull here and there to adjust the loop to the size you prefer. Its quite easy and it has a very dramatic chic effect.

Nov 17 (1)Nov 17 (7)

5. As a belt: Scarves make inexpensive, colorful, and versatile belts!! All you have to do is twirl it around your waist a couple of times, and then just tie it in the back with either the ends loose, or hide the ends inside the "belt". Either way looks super chic and ingenious.

Nov 22 (2)Nov 23 - Scarf 8

6. To spice up your go-to purse: Need a quick and easy way to spice up that purse you always wear? Just tie a colorful scarf to one of the handles!! It takes literally like 5 seconds and it instantly updates your purse. Its also perfect if you just want to add a pop of color somewhere, but don't know where!

Nov 23 - Scarf 6Nov 23 - Scarf 7

So these are the ways I wear scarves, how about you? Have any tips for me? If you decide to try these tips out, feel free to email me with the pics of your results, I would love to see them!!

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  1. this really is interesting all these ideas you share. and they all look great and add that special something to all your outfits. jgm

  2. I have another trick with scarves worn around the neck. This works with short scarves. Twirl the scarf and place around your neck. Then twirl the 2 ends together and when get to the end and then start to twirl a rosette and tuck the ends under to secure the flower. This is a real chic look.


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