He's my lucky charm!

Me and my boyfriend dressed up as LEPRECHAUNS this Halloween!! Weeeee I love how cute we looked together!

Halloween 02

Here is a complete body shot... the costume is simple, but I think it looks great! We sure do look like leprechauns to me...

Halloween 9

I wore braids to look cuter and we both used freckles for extra cuteness. Perhaps the best part of the costume were our HUGE ears... it made us look so funny! We got a whole lot of compliments because of those, and one girl wanted to steal one from us!

Halloween 04

Isn't he the cutest leprechaun u have ever seen?!?!? At least I think so :)

Halloween 6

I designed the shape of the jacket and had it made. Then we both designed the clovers and glued gold rope to the back of the jacket in order to make them. I think the finishing result looks very well done and unique.

Halloween 3

This is the decoration outside my door, I just love Halloween! If you look closely, you can see that I was going to enjoy one of my special Halloween treats when this pic was taken.

Halloween 10

For some reason, I feel like my eyes in this pic make me look sorda looney... jejeje a crazy leprechaun perhaps?

So what do you think? Do we look like leprechauns? What do you like best?

Well, gotta go find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! jejeje silly me :)

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  1. I love these costumes!!! So cute!
    Definitely the ears are the best part!

  2. How sweet of both of you to dress alike. The costumes are great and you can use them again at a St Pats day bash in March!!!! Your eyes are spectacular in the fotos and they show how happy you both are together. Joanne

  3. you are cute as can bee. you sure know how to have fun. thanks. jgm.


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