Catching fish with my tights

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When: November 15, 2009

Yellow dress: Walmart
Teal jacket: B-day present from my mom & dad
Fishnet tights: Used to be my sister's when she was in the dance academy (yes, really)
Brown boots: Payless Shoe Source
Brown Liz Claiborne purse: TJ Max

Where: Grocery shopping and a little X-Mas shopping

Why do I say I am catching fish with my tights?.... because I am wearing fishnets silly!! jajajaja I say such dumb and silly things sometimes. Those types of jokes remind me of my dad, he always finds a way to play with words and make jokes about their hidden meanings. He always knows how to make me laugh, I sure do miss him.

In terms of the outfit, it has been a while since I wear this yellow dress so I decided to give it a try. I really like how this shade of yellow looks with teal! I specially love this jacket my parents gave me for my birthday because it has a unique shape: Loooove the huge sleeves! I have never worn fishnets out of the dancing academy, but I have seen some people pull it off so I decided to give it a try! What do you think, do you ever wear fishnets?

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  1. love ur teal jacket! i agree, i love how the yellow and teal look together:D

  2. Love the yellow and teal! Both the jacket and dress are super dooper cute!

  3. I love those fishnets - you totally can pull it off - I never would've known they were from a dance academy. Beautiful combo of color - where did you get the jewelry? I love that my dad can make me laugh too - I definately get my silly sense of humor from him! - Natalya of Wear Necessities

  4. Wao, thanks! I'm glad that somebody approves! jejeje. I got the jewelry in Panama a couple of years ago... sorry I know that isn't very helpful, but a lot of my things are from there since I live there (not right now) and everything over there is so cheap!

  5. Always good to see the ways we can use clothing items that were meant for one purpose and now have a totally new life using them in a different way. That jacket is so pretty and airy. The teal and yellow color combo is just perfect for you.

  6. i love your jacket! as if your parents bought that for you! what my mom equates with cool is usually overly sparkly and tacky lol!

  7. Oh! This is so beautiful and perfect for Fall. I just love these colors together.


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