Baby's got back...







When: November 11, 2009

Blue knit detail top: Panama (but I have seen the EXACT same ones at Forever XXI if u want one)
Light blue skirt: Panama
Grey belt: Panama
White t-shirt: Target
Black tights: Target
Black booties: Payless Shoe Source
Purple purse: Stolen from my mom! (Just kidding, she let me have it :)

Where: Catching up on errands today... not so interesting, I know ;)

Baby's got back... back details on the shirt that is!!! jajaja, sorry for the lame joke. In order to make this top fall-appropiate, I decided to wear a t-shirt underneath rather than a jacket on top because a jacket would have hidden its amazing details!. I looooove the details on this top, specially the back details. Thats why I decided to tie my hair up today, so that the back is visible. I really like how the two shades of blue look together, but I wanted to add another color for interest so I decided on purple... I'm telling ya, blue and purple are becoming one of my favorite color combos lately!

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  1. Great colour combo! I love the colour of the skirt especially!

  2. wow, I love the skirt. Great color. The belt looks fabulous with it too. You look beautiful as usual! xoxo

  3. You showed off the pretty crochet part of the top with the white shirt underneath. I love the detail work. The blues and purples always look great together.

  4. Love the colors! Great shape on the skirt.

    I was inspired by your outfits and I mentioned you on my blog today.


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