{Outfit}: Black and White + Panama Mola

Outfit inspired by Panama's Culture
Outfit inspired by Panama's Culture

Hi guys!! Here's an outfit I created inspired by various Panamanian cultural elements (you all know how I love my Panamanian stuff!). The black and white stripes of this dress reminded me of our famous Diablicos Sucios, while the mola belt represents our Kuna indigenous people. I finished the look off with this handbag inspired by Panama's cultural Pintao' hat. And what do we end up with? One real "Panameño" outfit, that's what!

-- En Español -- Hola chicos! Este es un outfit que armé inspirada en varios elementos culturales de Panamá (ustedes ya saben cuánto me gusta lo panameño!). Las rallas blancas y negras me recuerdan a los famosos Diablicos Sucios, mientras que la correa de mola representa nuestros Kunas indígenas. Terminé el look con una bolsa inspirada en el sombrero Pintao' de Panamá. Y cuál es el resultado? Un look bien bien Panameño!

Beautiful Panamanian Mola belt
Pretty black and white striped dress
Pretty Summer Sunglasses
{Dress and Earrings/Vestido y Aretes: Sammydress.com  ;  Shoes/Zapatos: Target (USA)  ;  Belt/Correa: K'Lasso Collections  ;  Bag/Bolsa: Shop-Panamá  ;  Sunglasses/Lentes de Sol: Forever21}

Photos by/Fotos por: Vanessa Richani

Marie McGrath, Panama Fashion Blogger

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