{Travel}: Cozy Striped Sweater at the Cabin

Cozy Sweater outfit for Fall

Saturday August 20, 2016

Hi guys!! After the beautiful hike to Fairview Peak I talked about in my last post, I decided to take a nice relaxing shower and switch into this simple cozy sweater, jeans, and boots combo. 

Funny story actually, as we were hiking earlier this day, one of the brown boots I was wearing suddenly fell completely apart and I was basically walking barefoot for a while, hahaha. To make it worse, those boots were the only shoes I had taken to the cabin, so I feared I would have to hang out barefoot all weekend! Thankfully, my cousin has the same foot size as me and she was so kind as to save the day with these cozy Uggs. Phew, that was a close one!

-- En Español -- Hola chicos! Después de nuestra aventura en Fairview Peak de mi último post, decidí tomarme una ducha relajante y cambiarme a este look más sencillo de abriguito, jeans, y botas. 

A que no adivinan qué me pasó este día! Cuando estábamos explorando Fairview Peak, de repente se me deshizo una de mis botas chocolates y básicamente tuve que caminar descalza en las montañas... jajaja. Como si eso fuera poco, las botas chocolates eran los únicos zapatos que había llevado a la cabaña, así que me aterroricé al pensar que estaría descalza todo el fin de semana! Gracias a Dios mi prima es del mismo tamaño de zapato que yo y muy amablemente me ayudó prestándome estas botas Uggs. Phew, me salvé de esa!!

Cute outfit wearing Uggs
{Sweater and Necklace/Abrigo y Collar: Forever21  ;  Jeans: ?  ;  Boots/Botas: Borrowed from my cousin /Prestados de mi prima}

Marie McGrath, Panama Fashion Blogger

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