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Thursday April 30, 2015

Hi guys! Today I had the pleasure of being roooyally pampered at a Dove Spa event that was created as a way for Dove to highlight the beauty within all women. At the Dove Spa, I received a free hair assessment from a professional, who then recommended what hair products I should use for the needs of my specific hair, next up I got my hair washed with these recommended products, and finished it off by blowdrying my hair. As if that wasn't enough, they also offered a free massage using Dove moisturising cream. And the best part of it all?! Well, you are ALL invited to the receive the Dove Spa experience for FREE!

-- En Español -- Hola chicos! Hoy tuve el placer de ser mimamada en el evento Dove Spa creado por Dove para realzar la belleza real de las mujeres. En el Dove Spa, recibí un diagnóstico de cabello gratis por un especialista en estétitca, quien luego me recomendó qué productos debería usar para las necesidades particulares de mi cabello. Próximo me lavaron el cabello con estos productos recomendados, y terminaron secándome el pelo con un blower. Como si eso fuera poco, también ofrecieron masajes con crema humectante Dove. Y la mejor parte de todo esto?! Que ustedes también están cordialmente invitados a visitar el Dove Spa absolutamente GRATIS!!

Dove Spa Experience, Panama
Dove Spa Experience, Panama
Dove Spa Experience, Panama
Dove Spa Experience, Panama
Classy Outfit with Pearls
Sipping Champagne at the Dove Spa
Finished Look after my Dove Spa Experience!

Dove will be hosting this Dove Spa event in Westland Mall tomorrow Saturday May 2nd and Sunday May 3rd. The Hair assessment is absolutely free, and with the purchase of any Dove product you will also get your hair washed and dried as well as a massage. Talk about getting royally pampered huh?! So don't miss out on this great opportunity to sit back, relax, and get yourself pampered at the Dove Spa!

Dove estará ofreciendo su experiencia Dove Spa en Westland Mall mañana Sábado 2 de Mayo y el Domingo 3 de Mayo. El diagnóstico especializado de cabello es absolutamente gratis! También estarán ofreciendo los servicios de lavado, secado, y masajes por la compra de algun producto Dove. Así que no se pierdan esta maravillosa oportunidad para relajarse y disfrutar de su belleza real!!

Parisian Chic Outfit
How Adorable is this Cat Purse?!
{Top: c/o Snapmade.com  ;  Skirt and Shoes/Falda y Zapatos: Forever21  ;  Cat Clutch/Cartera de Gato: IddeaShop.com  ;  Bracelets/Pulsera: Present from my mom}

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