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Friday May 30, 2014

Hi guys! As most of you probably have noticed by now, my style usually gravitates towards the more girly and conservative side. In general, showing too much skin or wearing something that is too tight makes me feel really self conscious and exposed. So when it is time to make an outfit for going out to a bar or club, sometimes it can be hard to find something that looks sexy without showing too much skin.

-- En Español -- Hola chicos! Como la mayoría de ustedes probablemente han notado, mi estilo en general suele ser muy femenino y conservador. Para mí siempre me ha resultado incómodo ponerme looks que muestran mucho piel o que sean muy pegaditos. Por eso, en el momento de decidir qué ponerme para salir a un bar, suele ser difícil para mí encontrar algo que me haga sentir sexy sin tener que mostrar mucho piel.

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Purple Nails, Asos Clutch
Cateye Makeup

But you know what I've discovered guys?! Jumpsuits! Oh how I love jumpsuits! They can make you look very elegant and sexy without having to show too much skin. Plus, if you pick a jumpsuit that has a long hem that covers part of your foot (like the one I have on today), you will look extra tall and lean! Win win!

Pero saben qué es lo que he descubierto?! Enterizos tipo "Jumpsuit"! Oh, cómo me fascinan los jumpsuits! No solamente te hacen ver elegante y sexy sin mostrar mucho piel; sino también te pueden hacer ver más alta y esbelta si escoges una con la basta larga como la que tengo puesta hoy. Es la solución perfecta!

Club Union, Panama
Lava Club Union, Panama
Club Union Panama

What would be your advice on what to wear to look sexy without showing too much skin?

¿Cuál sería tu consejo sobre qué ponerse para lucir sexy sin mostrar mucho piel?

How to wear a Jumpsuit

{Jumpsuit/Enterizo: Pasarela (Panama)  ;  Shoes/Zapatos: Zara (Panama)  ;  Clutch: Asos.com  ;  Earrings/Aretes: Pasarela (Panama)  ;  Rings/Anillos: Bornprettystore.com}


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  1. Nunca me he puesto un jumpsuit, siento que me voy a ver como una extraterrestre usando uno. Sin embargo, te veo a tí y se ven super genial, ya quiero ir a Pasarella a ver qué tienen de nuevo, quizás hasta me anime y me compre uno. ¡Gracias, Marie!

  2. Hola Beatriz!! Para ser sincera, yo pensaba lo mismo de los jumpsuits antes de probármelos. Yo juraba que me iba a ver como una payasa de circo, pero un día los probé y en verdad que pueden lucir geniales si escoges el correcto. Espero que encuentres uno que te guste!! Y muchas gracias por visitar mi blog y apoyarme, lo aprecio mucho ;)

  3. Such a gorgeous outfit! And you do look sexy in the outfit- without showing too much skin. As Stacy and Clinton said from What Not To Wear- you can look sexy without revealing everything!
    For inspiration to look sexy without revealing too much - would be Joan from Mad Men. She always looks sexy but she wears those midi dresses with high necklines. :)

  4. You look awesome Marie! :) And yep. Sexy without showing too much. \m/


  5. Definitely a sexy look, and very chic! You look stunning!

  6. I think all black outfits definitely always look good, especially if they have parts that are a little form fitting. This looks absolutely stunning on you, Miz Mariee! Gosh dang, your hair is so LONG! I hope mine can be that long one day. :)))

  7. Very pretty Marie. It is too often you see more skin than you would like on other people ;) i think you did a great job.

  8. Thank you so much Lorena!! I couldn't agree more. It actually makes me reeeeally uncomfortable when I see women wearing really really reveling things... haha I'm just really shy like that ;)

  9. Thank you so much Ali!!! Hahahaha my hair definitely was VERY long, but I actually just recently got a haircut so it's a little shorter now. I kind of miss the longer hair though :(. Oh well, it always grows back!

  10. Thank you very much Rachel!! I really appreciate it!

  11. Thank you so much!!! Hope you have a great day!

  12. Thank you so much Heidi!! Hahaha I love watching What Not to Wear, and you are so right! They always say its best to leave something to the imagination. I also agree that Joan from Mad Men always looks super sexy while remaining somewhat conservative. Hope you have a great day Heidi!


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