{Outfit}: Fresh Orange Summer Outfit


Monday March 03, 2014

I love wearing bright and fresh colors for summer, don't you?! I felt so fresh in this beige and orange color combo today. I finished the look off with a perfect summer hairstyle: the classic milkbraids!

-- En Español -- Me encanta usar colores brillantes y frescas para el verano, a ustedes no?! Me sentía super fresca hoy en esta combinación de colores beige y naranja. Terminé el look con un peinado ideal para el verano: los milkbraids clásicos!

{Shirt/Camisa: Saks (Panama)  ;  Skirt/Falda: Forever21.com  ;  Belt/Correa: El Costo (Panama)  ;  Earrings/Aretes: Used to be my mom's/Eran de mi mamá  ;  Betsey Johnson Turtle Ring/Anillo de Tortuga: Present from my friend Diana}

Today I enjoyed half of the day in El Valle and half of the day in Bijao, a nearby beach area. I'll be spending a couple of days in Bijao just relaxing and catching up on some reading... oh how I love vacations ;)

Hoy disfruté la mitad del día en El Valle y la otra mitad del día en Bijao, una zona de playa cercana. Voy a pasar un par de días en Bijao simplemente relajándome y poniéndome al día con unos libros que estoy leyendo ... oh cómo me encanta tener vacaciones ;)

Hope you are all having a fantastic day!

Espero que todos tengan un excelente día!


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  1. Such a beautiful outfit! The top and skirt are perfect together! :)

    Hope you are enjoying your holiday! :)

    Away From Blue

  2. Fun and summery outfit. Gorgeous colours.

    Fashion: http://www.purrpleivy.com/
    Health and Fitness: http://purrple-ivy-fitness.tumblr.com/

  3. Hermosa!!! Siempre tan colorida :D


  4. Thank you Kate!!! It's been a while since I wear my hair this way, I should really try it more often :)

  5. Thank you so so much Mica!! I'm trying to get more use out of the pieces I already own and not buy anything new. I've had this shirt and skirt in my closet for years now and never thought about pairing them together until now. It feels good to re-discover items in my closet! Hope you are having an amazing week!

  6. Your hair!! Gorgeous!
    This is such a happy, spring look. Makes me happy just looking at the pictures! :)

  7. Love how you paired orange and beige! I am always wondering what to wear with orange - I always end up just wearing jeans, but I really like this color combination. The milkbraids look great on you, somehow that style doesn't quite suit me, or maybe I just need to keep trying.

  8. You look perfect for summer! I love when colors can really make you feel better about the day. You definitely look so fresh and pretty! :)

  9. I'm trying to do the same - it's such fun coming up with new ways to wear things we already own! :)

  10. Yaaaaii!! Thank you Nathy, you really made me smile!

  11. Thank you so much Annabelle!! I have a hard time figuring out what to wear orange with as well, but beige and brown tones seem to work really well!

  12. Ahaha, I'm envious of how you can already call it summer! Orange suits you so well, Marie, and I am seriously adoring your milkmaid braids (is that what they're called? I get so lost with hair terminology!). They're absolutely flawless!

    I'm glad you had such a nice vacation!


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