{Halloween}: Easy Queen of Hearts Costume

Queen of Hearts Costume Queen of Hearts Costume

Making this costume at home?! Be sure to share with your friends on Instagram using the hashtag #TheJoyOfFashionCostumes , I'd love to see it!

Vas a hacer este disfraz en casa? Asegúrate de compartirlo con tus amigos en Instagram usando el hashtag #TheJoyOfFashionCostumes , me encantaría verlo!


Ok guys, I'm really excited about how this Do it Yourself (DIY) costume turned out! For the third costume idea of this year, I present all of you with this easy Queen of Hearts costume... isn't it awesome?! And it is super easy to do as well, just follow my below instructions:

En Español - Ok chicos, estoy muy emocionada de cómo salió este disfraz para mi serie de "Házlo tú mismo" de Halloween! Para la tercera edición de esta serie, les presento a todos ustedes con este disfraz sencillo de Reina de Corazones.... no les parece super chevere?! Y es muy fácil de hacer también, tan sólo necesitan seguir las siguientes instrucciones:

Queen of Hearts Costume

Clothing and Accessories:
For this costume, you will need a red or black dress. I was very lucky to have this red elegant gown in my closet that I used to go to a wedding a couple of months ago, but you don't need to wear something so fancy to make this costume work. Also, make sure to add any heart shaped accessories you may own, like heart shaped rings and earrings.

Ropa y Accesorios:
Para este disfraz necesitarás un vestido rojo o negro. Yo tuve mucha suerte de encontrar este vestido formal rojo en mi closet que me puse para una boda hace un par de meses, pero no hace falta un vestido tan elegante para verte genial. También asegúrate de usar todos los accesorios en forma de corazón que tengas como aretes y anillos en forma de corazón.

Queen of Hearts Costume Queen of Hearts Costume

Card Collar:
The most essential part of this costume is definitely the collar made out of playing cards. It is VERY easy to do with just two decks of cards, a stapler, and some bobby pins.

Collar de Barajas:
La parte más importante de este disfraz sin duda es el collar hecho de barajas. Es muy pero muy fácil de hacer este collar, solamente necesitas dos juegos de barajas, una engrapadora, y unos bobby pins.

Queen of Hearts Costume

Here are the steps you need to follow to make this card collar:
1. Cut out the size of your neck on a piece of white paper. Try it on to make sure it fits around your neck correctly.
2. Using the white paper as a guide, start placing the cards around the neck area...
3. ... and staple them together.
4. Continue stapling the cards together making sure to use the white paper as guide to the size of your neck.
5. Once you are done with the first circle of stapled cards, make another set of stapled cards a bit larger than the original circle.
6. Now place the smaller circle of cards over the larger circle of cards and staple them together.
7. Make three small holes on the top part of the collar (I used my staple remover to make the holes) and insert a bobby pin into each hole.
8. Place the collar around your neck and use the bobby pins on the back of the collar to attach it to the back of your head. This will keep the collar up and sturdy.

Para hacer este collar de barajas, solo necesitas seguir los siguientes pasos:
1. Recorta en una hoja de papel blanco un círculo con el tamaño de tu cuello. Pruébate este pedazo de papel alrededor de tu cuello para asegurarte que te quede correctamente.
2. Con el papel blanco como guía, empieza a colocar las cartas alrededor del área del cuello ...
3. ... y engrapa las cartas juntas.
4. Continua engrapandp las cartas juntas asegurándote de usar la hoja blanca como guía para el tamaño de tu cuello.
5. Una vez que hayas terminado con el primer círculo de cartas engrapadas, haz otro círculo de cartas engrapadas pero asegúrate de que sea un poco más grande que el círculo original.
6. Ahora coloca el círculo más pequeño de cartas sobre el círculo más grande de cartas y engrápalos juntos.
7. Luego necesitas hacer tres pequeños agujeros en la parte superior del collar (yo usé mi removedor de grapas para hacer los agujeros) para poder insertar un bobby pin en cada agujero.
8. Coloca el collar alrededor de tu cuello y usa los bobby pins del collar para sugetarlo a la parte de atrás de tu cabeza. Esto mantendrá el collar levantado y resistente.

Queen of Hearts Costume

Queen of Hearts Crown:
I made my crown using some gold and red glittered foam I bought at Arrocha (you could probably find it at any craft store). It was very easy to do, I just used this template as a guide and put it together using glue and a stapler.

Corona de Reina de Corazones:
Yo hice mi corona usando un poco de foam dorado y rojo que encontré en la Arrocha (seguro lo podrían encontrar en cualquier tienda de manualidades). Fue muy fácil de hacer usando como guía este "template" y pegándolo todo con goma blanca y con una engrapadora.

Queen of Hearts Costume Queen of Hearts Costume

A great way to finish off this costume is by making a heart shaped mouth! You can also add a heart and a diamond by your eyes like I did using a black eyeliner.

Termina este disfraz dibujando un corazón rojo en tus labios! También puedes agregar un corazón y un diamante al lado de tus ojos como lo hice yo usando un delineador de ojos en color negro.

Queen of Hearts Costume

And with that you are done and ready to say: "Off with their heads!"... hahaha. Hope you all enjoyed this easy homemade Halloween costume :)

Y con esto ya terminastes el disfraz y estas listo para decir: "Que le corten la cabeza!!" ... jajaja. Espero que hayan disfrutado de este disfraz de Halloween sencillo hecho en casa :)

Queen of Hearts Costume


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  1. What a great idea! I am going to Alice in Wonderland theme party so this is perfect and looks easy enough. I love your heels!!


  2. I do not even have words for how much I love this. You are a true genius.

    xo Ashley


  3. This is absolutely brilliant Marie. Love love LOVE it.


  4. Yes. Yes. Yes. You are so creative--that collar is perfection!
    One of my favorite authors is currently writing a book about how a marquis' teenage daughter became the Queen of Hearts. Unfortunately, it won't be out until 2015. :( But the author's name is Marissa Meyer, and she has other awesome books to hold you over until then. ;)

  5. this costume is amazing! every detail is perfect, from your heart lips to the card collar -- so fantastic! i almost wish i had a costume contest party to attend because this could certainly take home a prize!

  6. Wow, this is a fantastic costume, Marie, I love how you worked out all the details! The card collar is amazing, and really easy to make. You are so creative, I loooooove this year's costumes!

  7. Such a great costume! The card collar is fantastic! :)

    Away From The Blue

  8. Oh my, another awesome creation!! What a great idea to make the collar out of cards!! Genius!

  9. Ramida DusdeevutikulOctober 29, 2013 at 9:45 PM

    Such a cool post!
    Following u<3



  10. Thank you so much Agnes!!! I saw someone do something similar a couple of years ago, so it isn't entirely my idea after all. I'm still pretty proud at how it turned out though!

  11. Yaaaaaaaaiiii!!!! I'm so happy to hear you liked this year's costumes!!! Yaaaii!!! Thanks Jody!

  12. Hahaha wao thanks Heidi!!! It really means a lot to me to hear you liked it so much!!

  13. Thank you so much JB!! Oh wao, that sounds like such a good book, I'll add it to my wishlist for sure. Thanks for the tip!

  14. Aaaww, thanks Ivy!! I'm so happy to hear you like it!

  15. Hahahahaha waaaaoooo thanks Ashley!!! You are as always too kind!!! yai!

  16. Marie. The picture of you, mad? It's priceless! Did you enter this on the Lookbook contest? You should.

  17. hahahhaah i love this post sooo much..
    your last pic remind me to alice in wonderlnd movie.
    your outfit is too perfect.. lovely shoes.. love that lips shape..1000% like ...
    happy boooooo mariee

  18. Marie ! i loved this !! la botaste.

  19. This is so cute! It is truly creative, modest, and seriously adorable!

  20. Hahahahahaha thank you Lorena!!! I'm so pleased with this costume!!!

  21. Thaaaaaaaaaaaank you Foni!!! Yaaaiii, so glad you liked it!


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