{Outfit}: What to wear with pink hair

Neutral outfit & Pink hair Neutral outfit & Pink hair 

  Friday April 26, 2013

As I mentioned in my previous post, I just recently made some pink highlights in my hair using hair chalk. I definitely LOVE how it looks, but I was kind of blocked on what to wear with it.

Neutral outfit & Pink hair

In the end I thought: "What could be easier than neutrals?". So I decided to wear this all neutral toned outfit including my "new" (not new, just never worn) sneaker wedges. I absolutely looooove how the pink of my hair takes all the attention against the neutral outfit ;)

Neutral outfit & Pink hair Sneaker Wedges
{Dress: Forever21.com  ;  Shoes: Forever21.com  ;  Necklaces: Some from Forever21.com, other's were presents from my parents  ;  iPhone cover: Amazon.com}

What would you wear if you had pink (or another color) hair/highlights?

Sammy, the adorable Yorkie


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  1. pretty hair and adore the nude dress on you

    kw Ladies in Navy

    Target giveaway!

  2. Love this dress, Marie! I think you matched this outfit perfectly with your hair, I love the pink, it looks great on you! :) How cute is your Iphone cover?! <3

  3. We are so glad to drop by your blog :) you look amazing and adore the wedge sneakers...the hair colour looks great on you..following yu right away :D...dovisit us whenever you can, would love to stay in touch


  4. Really cute! I scored some bright chalk highlights in my hair this winter. So easy, right? :) Just a bit messy in the process.

  5. you look so cute, your kicks are adorable.


  6. Hey girl!

    Your blog is seriously so cute :)

    I'm pretty new to the blogging thing so it would be very nice of you to check out my blog and tell me if you like it.

    I'm totally going to follow you :) hope you like it and follow back!



  7. Such a cute look- love the layered necklace look.
    Besides neutrals, you could wear pink with blue, green, any color opposite of pink.
    You might want to be careful with the shade of red though.

  8. Love your hair pink! So, so cute :) Also, you are the accessory QUEEN. It amazes me

    xo Ashley


  9. hair chalk!! gosh i want to try that :) you look great by the way!


  10. your pink tips are so adorable! and omg love love love your phone case, so cuhute!


    ♥ Ellen


    + Instagram

  11. cute look! love the pink in your hair!


  12. beautiful glitter sneakers! love it!


  13. Thank you Jody!!! Yeah, I thought it would be a great day to use my pink stitch iphone cover to match my hair :)

  14. Aaaaww you are just so sweet! Thank you so much, I really appreciate it!

  15. Thank you Sasha!! Yeah, they can be a bit messy but they are so fun right?!?! I bet yours turned out amazing :)

  16. Thank you Heidi!! I never thought of pairing it with blue or green, but now that you say that I think it would look great! Thanks for the ideas :)


  17. Hahahahahaha thanks Ashley!!! I'm glad to hear you like how I accessorize and you don't think its too much. YAI!

  18. Thank you!!! I'm almost finished making a tutorial on how to do hair chalked hair, so stay tuned! I'm sure you would look fantastic with hair chalk :)

  19. This dress has a perfect cut for your body, it suits you perfect.
    And the little dog... so cute it makes me want to pet him :)

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  21. Thank you Teresa!!! Yeah, Sammy (the dog) is sooooo cute!! I wish I could cuddle him each and every day, but for some reason he has never liked me... hahaa. Oh well, still cute to look at!

  22. Nydia DobrowolskiMay 8, 2013 at 6:37 AM

    Love the hair, Marie! I have black hair and recently dyed the tips and fringe a bright blue. I usually wear dark colors or simple white outfits to create a nice contrast with my hair. I think it adds enough color to an overall look, so I try to
    avoid other colors or being too matchy. Thanks for sharing! :) - Nydia

  23. Those are some fabulous shoes. I love this neutral look on you, and, you're right--it really makes your pink hair pop!


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