{Travel}: My cousin's amazing wedding

Feb 16 (13) Feb 16 (14) 

  Saturday February 16, 2013 (Part 2)

The time has finally come to show you all some photos of my cousin Brandon's gooooorgeous wedding in Acapulco, Mexico. 

But first, here are a couple of photos of what I decided to wear on such a special day. I went with this pretty floral open-back dress I purchased from Asos.com about a year or more ago. I love how it moves with the wind!

Feb 16 (15) Feb 16 (16)
{Dress: Asos.com (old)  ;  Kenneth Cole wedges: BBB (Panama)  ;  Elephant ring: Present from my friend Maite  ;  Belt: Forever21.com}

The wedding took place at a cute church on the top of a large hill in Acapulco. I was so amazed at the beautiful design of the church. Something about the stone floors and the small lakes throughout the church area seemed so romantic and cozy to me.

Feb 16 (17) Feb 16 (18) Feb 16 (19) Feb 16 (20) Feb 16 (21) Feb 16 (22) Feb 16 (23)

But the best part of this church was definitely the breathtaking view of Acapulco. I mean seriously, could there be a more perfect place to get married? I think not!

Feb 16 (24) Feb 16 (25) Feb 16 (26) Feb 16 (27) Feb 16 (28) 

The wedding itself was a very relaxed ceremony with funny moments as well as heartfelt moments. The "color" of the wedding was my favorite shade of blue. 

Feb 16 (29) Feb 16 (30) Feb 16 (31) Feb 16 (32) Feb 16 (33) Feb 16 (34) Feb 16 (35) Feb 16 (36)Feb 16 (37) 

The bride, oh the bride, she looked stunning! Her dress looked so beautiful on her. It was a one shoulder gown, with a mermaid shape, and a ruffle skirt. Her hair also looked stunning! She is such a perfect match to my cousin Brandon.

Feb 16 (38) Feb 16 (39)

The wedding reception was right by the beach. You could hear the sound of the crashing waves no matter where you went. 

Feb 16 (40) Feb 16 (41) Feb 16 (42) Feb 16 (43) Feb 16 (44)

The decorations were also very beautiful. I especially loved these big pieces of white fabric tied to the trees. They moved so beautifully with the wind.

Feb 16 (45) Feb 16 (46) Feb 16 (47) Feb 16 (48) Feb 16 (49) Feb 16 (50) 

I really enjoyed all the romantic details throughout the night. I loooved watching my cousin and his bride dancing throughout the night. I also LOVED their idea of lighting lanterns (just like the movie Tangled, by Disney!). Everything was so well thought out and so special.

Feb 16 (51) Feb 16 (52) Feb 16 (53)

We finished off the night by being silly in the photobooth. Here are my boyfriend and I dressed up as a pirate and a afro-man. My parents also joined in on the fun! hehehe.

Feb 16 (54) Feb 16 (55)Feb 16 (56)

It was by far the most beautiful wedding I've ever been to. These photos don't do this wedding justice. Every details was gorgeous, and they make such a cute couple. 

Brandon and Sophia, I wish you both the best! May you live long happy lives together ;)

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  1. Loved this post, so beautiful. :D

  2. Loved the whole post. Amazing wedding and pictures. I loved your cousins wedding dress. So beautiful. The views where breathtaking. Thanks for sharing this with us. As usual love the colors in your dress. Looks like colorfulness runs in the family. :)

  3.  Great pictures! Your dress is pretty and the wedding looked so beautiful!

  4. Wow, wow, wow, everything is so beautiful! Is like my dream wedding! And you looked gorgeous, I really love your dress!

  5. Such a gorgeous modern romantic wedding! Her wedding dress was gorgeous! I wish I could of pulled off a mermaid style. haha. 
    The place they got married is lovely too- perfect place to have a ceremony.I love looking at wedding photos- it reminds me of my special day and how amazing it was. The cake looked delicious too. Such a beautiful reception place.

    The only thing though that I noticed was there were so many people - haha. I was already stressed with just 20 people! I don't know how people can handle it...lol 

  6. All of the details of the wedding are so beautiful.  What an amazing location for a wedding, that view is just stunning!

  7. Such an amazing view! Lovely couple! :)
    I love your citrus-like dressing again dear Marie! Congrats to your cousin :)
    Happy weekend dear!

    ★♡ New Outfit Post (^_^) ♡★
    ❂◈ The SHE Inside ◈❂

    ❤ ~Chai

  8. That dress is absolutely gorgeous!! You look so stunning in it. And the wedding looks so beautiful and fun! It sounds like it was an amazing event. :)

  9. this is beautiful! obsessed with your dress
    kw, http://www.ladiesinnavy.com

  10. Definitely a beautiful day. I love the wedding colors and all the sweet details.

    And you liked perfect for a beachside wedding like that :)

  11. Aaaah, Marie! These photos are gorgeous. You did such an amazing job with the photography. An what a perfect day for a wedding--that church is just the most precious little place, and so unique! 

    Also, the lanterns!! Yep, I definitely thought of Tangled. That is too cool! 

    Of course, your dress is gorgeous, as well! It catches the wind so nicely. I'm glad everything was simply splendid! :D

  12. You look amazing dear, breath-taking! And how beautiful is that dress!




  13. First of all, want an amazing post and thank you for sharing! This must have been even more amazing than what you described! I liked all of it: the setting, the shade of blue, the way you look and not to forget the reason why this all  took place: LOVE!



  14. Such a wonderful wedding! Congrats to your cousin!


  15. This has to be one of my favourite posts on your blog ever! <3 First of all, I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your dress, Marie! The pattern on it is amazing, the dress itself looks gorgeous, and you look so pretty!

    And the setting of that wedding.. It's like the stuff you see on tv and in films, but you never expect to actually experience it yourself. At least, that's the case for me, haha! The views from the location are just amazing, and I love the fact that the tables are outside and that you could hear the sea... Looks like it was an amazing wedding! And I love the lanterns, definitely make me think of Tangled, haha!

  16. amazing dresses!!!!! beautiful


  17. what a beautiful wedding and stunning venue! your cousin definitely went all out and it sounds like you had an amazing time!

  18.  Thank you!!!

  19.  Hhahaha yeah, I guess colorfulness DOES run in my family doesn't it?! So glad you enjoyed these wedding photos :)

  20.  Thank you so much!! Glad to hear you liked it!

  21.  I know right?!?! It was indeed like a dream wedding, I just couldn't get over how perfect everything was. Thanks for stopping by!

  22.  I'm so glad you enjoyed all the details of this wedding Heidi! I bet yours was amazing as well! In terms of the amount of people, for me it was just right... not too much and not too little. But I guess that depends on each person really :)

  23.  Thank you Annabelle!! I was amazed at how beautiful it was as well :)

  24.  Thank you so so much!!! Have a great day :)

  25.  Thank you Sara!!! You are so sweet :)

  26. Thank you Katie!! I really enjoyed all the sweet details of the wedding as well. Hope you had a great day!

  27.  Thank you so much Ali!!! I was so happy at how the wedding turned out as well, every detail was so romantic and sweet :)

  28.  Thank you Bree!!! It makes me so happy to hear you liked all of the details of this wedding!! It was such a romantic dreamy wedding, I'm so happy I could share it with you :)

  29. Thank you so much!

  30.  AAAAAAwwwwww Jody!! Your comments always make me smile!! I was worried that this post was too long so I thought perhaps readers wouldn't like it. I'm so glad to hear that is not the case and that you enjoyed all of these wedding photos. Thank you so much for your kind words :)

  31. Thank you so much Lydia! It was indeed so beautiful and fun. I hope you have a great day!

  32. Best wishes for the couple!

    Everything looked lovely. And I'm kind of in love with the bride's bouquet.The landscape is a-ma-zing and the lighting lanterns... well, I got chills when I watched the scene in Tangled, so... :)Of course you and your boy looked really cute, as usual ;)

  33. Wow this post was great..not only did I droool over your outfit...but the wedding details...WOW. Dream wedding!! That outdoor seating looks like a movie scene!!

  34. Beautiful wedding :) Congrats to your family! P.s. You and a bright floral are a match made in heaven!

    xo Ashleythetiniestfirecracker.com

  35. OMG! this is the perfect example of an amazing and romantic wedding at the beach! You look so pretty in this colorful outfit. A love all the photos you posted! The colors that your cousin chooses for her wedding are perfect for the venue, and I really like the idea of the lanterns, I dream with doing it at least once in my life hahaha.
    Congrats to your cousin and her husband!

  36. Amazing photos of an amazing wedding.  It really was something out of a fairy tale. What I liked most about it was all the laughs and fun we had together, and the fashion moments we caught on camera ;)

  37. Oh what a marvelous setting for a wedding - everything looks fairy tale like....
    and i loved your dress and your sisters.

  38. What a beautiful setting for a wedding, it is truly all romance and magic =)

    That dress is amazing and the look is so lovely! I have a wedding to attend in June too and I have been scouting ASOS for a dress, it's the perfect site for fancy and affordable!

    xo from TO


  39. the wedding looks beautiful! and I am loving your dress!

  40. que bonita la boda!! lo de las linternas y el photobooth estaba muy solido! 

  41. Ahhh you look beautiful - LOVE that dress and the Bride looks stuinning as well .. couldnt see all the picsw on here as they wouldnt load, buts saw them on flickr :D

    Sal x

  42. Marie, WOW! I can't get over how beautiful every is here. Love the dress you picked, Acapulco looks amazing, the wedding was beautiful (the reception looked incredible!) and the bride was absolutely beautiful too! I think it's awesome that your whole family (+ Alejo) could all attend your cousins wedding! Looks like a great time and now I'm DYING to go to Acapulco!

    perfectly priya


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