{Sister Style}: Club Interamericano de Mujeres

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  Friday March 08, 2013

My boyfriend and I decided at the last minute that it would be great to spend the weekend at the beach, so I decided to wear this beachy casual outfit to work. I always feel great in this maxi dress, it makes me feel SO tall!

March 08 (3) March 08 (4) March 08 (5)
{Marie: Dress: Ross Dress for Less (USA)  ;  Cardigan: Zara  ;  Belt: Forever21  ;  Kenneth Cole wedges: BBB (Panama)  ;  Hat: ? (Panama)  ;  Key necklaces: Forever21 (Find them here! and here!}

March 08 (6)

My sister wore such a fresh outfit today! I love the color of her jeans, and just look at those fabulous caviar nails! Gotta love it :)

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Today we received this lovely painting as a surprise from the Club Interamericano de Mujeres (The American Women's Club). My Aunt Luisa was the founder of the club back in the day, so they gave us this painting to commemorate all of her great accomplishments. 

March 08 (12) March 08 (13)

As if that weren't enough, this painting was actually made by my Aunt Vicki who donated it to the Club many years ago. We felt so honoured to receive this beautiful family heirloom!

March 08 (14) March 08 (15)

After work, my boyfriend, his family, and I all went up to Bijao beach for the weekend. We finished the night off with a delicious Italian dinner and wine. It was such a great day!

March 08 (16) March 08 (17)

Get the look:


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  1. Lookin' great by the beach Marie! :) Love the orange twists! :)

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  2. Love maxis. This one is sooo colorful!


  3. Your beach outfit is gorgeous, love the print of the dress! And your hat looks so good on you, Marie! I'm glad to hear you had such a good time with your boyfriend :)
    I love your sister's nails, such a cool effect! The black and white pic of Annie looks gorgeous, love it! And how beautiful is that painting?! Creativity obviously runs in the family!

  4. you always have good photos, would you share the secret?

    visit and follow me ^^

  5. Looks like a lovely week! And your Aunt's chalk pastel art is just beautiful--such a nice things to receive! Find a special place for it (but I'm sure you will!).

    I really adore your earrings, Marie! They're so pretty. And your tiny key necklace is lovely, as well.

  6. You look very pretty in all these photos. Your eyes are so beautiful.

  7. so pretty and colorful!

    kw ladies in navy

  8. Your vibrant maxi is so summery and fun - especially with the fedora!
    Love your sisters mint denim.

  9. Thank you so much!! I love them too, so easy to wear :)

  10. Thank you Jody!!! I know right, my sister looks stunning in that black and white photo!! I'm so glad you liked my maxi dress and the painting, thank you Jody!

  11. Aawww, you think so?!? Thank you so much!! My biggest recommendation would be to take pictures with natural lighting (meaning light from the sun and not light from light bulbs and such). It really makes photos show more true colors and glowy skin. Hope that helps!

  12. Thank you Ali!! It means a lot to me to hear that such a talented artist like yourself likes my Aunt's chalk art. Yai!!!

  13. Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. You sooooo nicccee beckkyyy. You have even more beautiful eyes my friend!

  14. Thank you so much!!!!

  15. love blue and orange together - looks so good on you!


    Lady à la Mode

  16. You look amazing as always darling! ♥ Love your dress and the painting is magnificent!! ♥


  17. LOVE LOVE this outfit! You are one stylish girl. Pictures are so bright and sharp! LOVE THEM. Let me know if you want to follow each other?????


  18. Such a beautiful dress- looks perfect with the cardigan!
    Your sisters outfit is cute too- love her top and nails!

  19. Love both of your outfits! Maxis are perfect for weekends at the beach. And what a lovely painting you inherited!

  20. Please only wear orange. For the rest of your life

    xo Ashley

  21. Sisterly love is the best! :D And printed maxi dresses too!



    twitter and instagram: @BelatedBloomer

  22. loving all the orange!!! Xx


  23. Thanki you so much!! I really like that color combo as well!

  24. The blue orange outfit is way too awesome!!! Love the color... Love your bracelets too....
    Love the mint jean, lace top and caviar nails too!!! :)
    Thanks for visiting me dears! I'd love it if you followed too on GFC, FB etc if you like! :)

  25. Thank you Monika!! I'm so happy to hear you liked my outfit and the painting :)

  26. Thanks Heidi!! You are so sweet!

  27. Thank you so much!!! I thought so too, that's why I decided to recover it from the waaaay back of my closet. hahaha. Hope you are doing well!

  28. Hahahahahahahahaha Oh Ashley, you always know how to make me smile! Thank you!

  29. Thank you Abi!!! Yeah, having such a sweet sister is definitely one of my biggest blessings :)

  30. Aaaww thank you!

  31. Aaaawww thank you!! I'm so happy to hear that you liked both outfits!!


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